Of Trump’s speech to Boy Scout Jamboree. And leftist bird-speak


Did you listen to US President Donald Trump’s address to the 40,000 plus people at the 19th Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia? If you didn’t, it was an entertaining speech.

Trump introduced a bit of politics into it, sure, but he’s the president under siege by mainstream media and by most of the lot in Washington, so he has to get his message across somehow, not just by means of Twitter. But the left and the easily offended immediately accused him of ‘playing politics’ in front of youngsters by having a go at Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the swamp in Washington and fake news media. They are just children, impressionable parents of some of the youngsters present complained after the speech. They should have been spared the politics on such an occasion. As if the Democrats have not been subjecting the young to the most appalling left-wing liberal drivel in the 8 years of President Obama without any consideration for their age.

Whatever President Trump says, the left immediately get offended by it. So he should really stop paying any attention and do his stuff. Especially, as compared to his predecessor, who was supposedly a brilliant orator, Trump is way more entertaining. In fact, Mr Obama will be remembered for his leftist bird-speak, delivered not from the heart but always from prepared text while he looked terrified of straying from the script. Not to mention that he was always trying to introduce divisive racial stereotypes and mentioning gay rights at every given opportunity.

Looking back on Obama’s public speaking track record, we have to conclude that a great orator he was not. And it is not just about his fanatical – I have no other description for it – tendency to read every word from the teleprompters or notes in front of him, even on occasions when words should have been said without guidance, like during his speech outside the Pentagon to mark the tenth anniversary of 9/11. It was his left-wing liberal agenda that he managed to introduce into every address and the insincerity of the whole thing that made it look odd. Reading the script with passion does not constitute great oratory skills that he supposedly possessed, according to his many fans in the mainstream media.

I recall his Nelson Mandela memorial speech in December 2013 in South Africa – yes, that one with the phony sign language translator by his side – that he read word for word from the text, and I remember thinking to myself: he got it all wrong. The world and South Africa itself have moved beyond empty slogans about the need to fight racism and yet Obama seemed to be stuck in some leftists time warp. New challenges were facing the world, but he banged on about the old stereotypes. More leftist bird-speak. And the crowd, funnily enough, got quickly bored with him.

The current war that the US media is waging against President Trump, attacking him for everything he says and does, has one important side-effect of which hacks seem to be unaware. People instinctively compare Trump to Obama, whose performance is still very much in the public memory. And in this comparison, I am afraid, Mr Obama does not come out well. Especially when it comes to public speeches that were burdened by liberal ideology that was hanging over everything Obama said.

Clichés are clichés even when they are said with passion. And ex-president Obama was all about left-wing liberal clichés, so that by the end of his second term he started talking like a man who could not get out of the woods of neo-liberal dogma. Which, by the way, is very boring and repetitive and often makes no sense at all.

So is it any wonder that Democrats and their supporters get all upset when President Trump stirs up strong emotions during his public appearances, something that Obama failed to do.

  • Anon Y. Mouse

    Go President Trump!