A few pointers for people who think they live in a democracy. When they don’t


Here are a few pointers for people who think they live in a democracy, comfortable in the knowledge that despite all the drawbacks and some pretty weird goings on at times, it’s still a better deal than any other arrangement.

The first thing to watch out for is that the term ‘liberal democracy’ is a contradiction in terms as liberalism and the practice of opposing opinions existing side by side, in peace and harmony, are two different things altogether. May be a long time ago, when the first ever liberal appeared on the scene, he did accept that other people may disagree with him and still be allowed to carry on regardless. Although I have to warn you that, as legend has it, the first ever liberal was the devil himself, so we are probably talking about the second and third in the long line of liberals.

But as liberals grew in numbers and infiltrated all sorts of institutions their tolerance levels begin to shrink with worrying speed and it was only a matter of time before they started to feel a strong disgust towards anyone who held views different to theirs. And as liberalism, as an ideology, rotates a lot around the crotch area of the person or persons who espouse it, soon the intolerance to anyone opposing it became a paranoia and the dislike of opposing views grew into serious irritation.

I hope you follow my drift here. You do? Well that’s just swell then.

Anyway, any system that calls itself a ‘democracy’ but is dominated by liberal views and ideas and even calls itself ‘liberal’ cannot actually be a functional democracy, as opposing views are no longer tolerated in it. If you have any doubts about it, feel free to glance around the liberal democracies on offer and you will find that all of them have successfully managed to silence pretty much everyone who speaks a different language, in a political sense that is.

And now comes the killer point that you are probably not expecting. So brace yourselves, as it will go against what you have been taught in school and at university and told by your parents.

So here goes. In order to dominate and see to it that no other ideology survives, the liberals invented political correctness, the most ruthless and cunning form of censorship and suppression of dissent that ever existed. It works very effectively. Basically, you turn anyone who disagrees with you into a disgusting person by attributing qualities to him or her that make his or her every word sound sinister and morally wrong. As, you argue as a liberal, he or she are politically incorrect that means they are evil and not able to produce any ideas that are worth taking on board. In fact, once you make it a sin to be politically incorrect inflicting punishment on people who are deemed unPC is a logical next step.

And suddenly, in a matter of several decades, liberalism became the sole acceptable version of politics, economics, science, education and everything else. And the introduction of political correctness did not even require to bother debating with anyone, as you could simply write them off with one or two descriptions – like racist or hater or both. And it worked wonders for liberalism, because political correctness looks righteous and well-meaning on the outside but is actually quite a menace on the inside. And that meant slowly kissing the concept of democracy goodbye.

Incidentally, millions of people who live comfortably in the knowledge that they enjoy the trappings of a liberal democracy are brought up with the idea that political correctness is part and parcel of a vibrant democratic system. In reality, they are two diametrically opposing concepts, with PC turning democracy into a mostly fancy sounding name without much substance.

By the way, the godfather of democracy, the great Plato, wrote in his Republic: “Every democracy eventually turns into a tyranny.” Which underlines my point perfectly.