A nation that swaps home cooking for take-aways and ready meals is well and truly f*&@$d


Lots of words are said by people with shifty eyes and insincere smiles about the importance of tolerance, multiculturalism, diversity and different religions overcoming their differences to become as one. All in the name of progress, unity, equality, human rights, world peace and brotherly love, naturally. They’ve got a lot of love to give, you see, these people who talk passionately about all those things, eyes failing to connect to their mouths most of the time.

And all of it sounds great but most of it is wrong for nations trying to keep their identity intact in this increasingly globalist world of ours. Especially with national borders becoming more and more vague and non-existent, as if it is secure borders and not the loony ideologies that preach all of the above that divide people.

But here’s the deal: national preservation and national identity start at home, in the family, around the table during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yep, the secret of gluing nations together has always started on the family level, with home cooking bonding everyone together. Not to mention that home cooking is not just many times better than the food in fancy restaurants but preserves a certain originality and unity of the whole nation.

A carefully preserved national cuisine, if you probably noticed, always annoys all sorts of lefties as they attempt to undermine it with supposedly ‘exotic dishes’ from far-away lands. Even though these dishes may not be at all suitable for the locals, due to all sort of gastronomical reasons. Too fatty, for example, for a mild climate or too spicy and so on.

These days all we hear in liberal democracies is how great foreign food is. And the eateries that spring up are mostly of some exotic origin while the local cuisine vanishes from the menu, so to speak. Online companies that deliver take- aways to the door at all times are not just booming, they are on the offensive, advertising themselves all over the place, plugging one very fake message: why cook at home when you can order food cooked by others?

That is a very stupid and even harmful concept. That, ladies and gents, amounts to robbing people not just of their national character but of their individual identity and collective uniqueness. Not to mention that take-aways are never great and always contain too many ingredients that are simply bad for you, with their quality obviously suffering as well. For how else can these companies make a profit if not by cutting corners and using cheap components?

And then there is junk food, a concept so alien to home cooking that people should only get it on prescription. Junk food is advertised so massively, with the young targeted most, that its consumption has been pushing out home cooking on a grand scale. Once again, the whole point is to tempt people to avoid cooking proper meals and opt for cheap imitations, washed down with lots of fuzzy stuff that is just not right for you.

So there you have it. If you want a nation to start crumbling at the seams, replace its home cooking with cheap exotic imitations and keep people away from their kitchens and from cooking together and sharing the results.

In other words, a nation that swaps home cooking for take-aways and ready- made meals is well and truly f*&@$d.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned.