A taste of what ‘cultured Europe’ writes about US President Trump


If Americans think it is only their own deranged liberal-minded mainstream media that is writing offensive rubbish about US President Donald Trump, they are wrong. The media in ‘cultured Europe’ and in Britain in particular is not that far behind the likes of New York Times and Washington Post, coming up occasionally with the most abysmal anti-Trump liberal drivel imaginable.

In case you want a taster, here are some quotes, hot off the press so to speak, from an article by the historian and mainstream hack, Max Hastings, published in the supposedly ‘conservative’ newspaper, the Daily Mail, with the headline that is quite telling, ‘I hate to depress you but Trump could be President for eight years.’

In his sarcasm Max, without realising it, scored an own goal by actually accepting that President Trump will most likely stay for two full terms, something closet liberals like him feared to even contemplate only a short while ago. But that is what blind hatred mixed with arrogance does to people. It makes them write things that wok against them.

Anyway, here are some tasters from that piece: “Six months into Trump and the best news is that we are still here. To say that is not facetiousness – since January this great office, with its power to blow up the world, has been in the hand of its most unstable holder since the Declaration of Independence”.

What a man, eh? Max, I mean. And what depth and knowledge and use of fancy words like ‘facetiousness’?

And here’s more from Max: “Yet the greatest challenge in world affairs is to establish stability based upon mutual trust and respect, and there is not the remotest chance of achieving this with Trump in the White House.”

I hope you feel the power of Max’s thinking here and are impressed by the verdict he passes on President Trump who, it appears, is to mutual trust and respect what a new wave migrant in Europe is to courting of females.

But here’s my personal favourite bit: “Evangelical Christians, a powerful political and social group, remain behind Trump, even though his values and history would seem to fit better at a satanists’ convention.” Atta boy, Max! Knows Satanism when he sees it. Could he be a fan himself? Who knows.

And now that you got the taste of what Mr Hastings and the Mail are all about I can tell you that they are not alone in writing such appalling ‘analysis’ of President Trump. Yep, all sorts of hacks and experts and self-styled academics are not exactly covering themselves with glory these days in Britain, writing things about the US President as if he were a leader of some hostile nation to Britain. In fact, Kim Jong-Un and the Iranian Mullahs get a better deal from that lot than President Trump.

The thing is, you see, that the British mainstream media, just like the one in America, has long ago caught the liberal bug and is sneezing all the time, having a go at anyone who doesn’t fit the profile worked out by the liberal left as acceptable for general consumption. This very same media has been on the offensive against those people in Britain who had voted in a majority in the Referendum in June last year to leave the European Union. Since then Brexit has become a swear word for the liberal left who are still infuriated that somebody dared to question their dream of a federal Europe run from Brussels by an unelected government – along the lines of the old Soviet Union – that would impose left-wing doctrines on the grateful members.

In fact, both Brexit and President Trump are probably the biggest irritants at the moment for all left-wingers across Europe and sniping at them will continue to be a favourite past time for lefties of all shades and colours.

Doesn’t mean, of course, that both Brexit and President Trump won’t succeed. And that prospect upsets the left even more.