A reminder that Barack Obama and the EU are Nobel Peace Prize Laureates


Sometimes it makes sense to look back and recall some of the embarrassing moments in history, if only to keep certain people and entities in check, reminding them that we have not forgotten what they were up to. So let’s cast our glance to the not so distant past when the then US President Barack Obama and the European Union’s unelected bureaucrats came to Oslo to receive their undeserved Nobel Peace Prizes, the first doing it in in December 2009 and the EU collective several years later, in 2012.

Mr Obama was, of course, a very unusual candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize, having been nominated for it by people who still wish to remain anonymous only two weeks after he had occupied the office of the US president. He was selected as winner from the short list of people, who deserved it much more than him, and accepted the prize having spent less than a year in the White House, having done pretty much nothing yet. If that wasn’t a case of political correctness taken to extreme then I don’t know what else it was.

And yet, Mr Obama failed to see the irony of it all and came to Oslo, and read a very strange acceptance speech, and all the progressives had the nerve to nod and say that it all made perfect sense. Which it didn’t, of course, but that is how progressives are.

No one remembers that award ceremony any more. Too embarrassed, I suppose. And no one has asked since then for Mr Obama to return the prize, considering how much harm to world peace he had caused. His role in turning Libya from a prosperous country into a hellhole would be enough to cancel that prize of his. Not to mention all those drones he sent to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and other countries that were killing people indiscriminately.

Mr Obama himself obviously never thought of returning the prize because he must have thought he was worth it. Not to mention that the money included in the package must have come in handy. And the most amazing thing of all is that no one from the comedy circuit made any fuss about it – as if it was no big deal. And that was hilarious in itself.

And then there was the sorry spectacle of the EU’s unelected bureaucrats showing up in the Norwegian capital, to collect their richly undeserved Nobel Peace Prize, three years after Obama. There they were, now former top dogs of the EU, José Manuel Barroso, Herman Van Rompuy and Martin Schulz, all failing to see the irony of the situation and thinking that it was a great idea to promote the concept of a federal Europe.

In case you don’t know this, the Nobel Prize Committee awarded the EU with the Nobel Peace Prize for turning Europe from a ‘continent of war’ to a ‘continent of peace’, even though the whole project seemed to be dividing Europe more than uniting it. And no mention was made of the fact that the EU was and still is an unelected cabal of failed left-wing politicians who are so incompetent and corrupt that for the 18 years before they got the prize not a single budget of the EU had been signed off by the auditors on the grounds that a lot of money was simply unaccountable for. And this practice incidentally continues up to this day, I kid you not.

But here’s a really embarrassing thing that is not so well known: Thorbjoern Jagland, the then Norwegian Nobel Committee chair, was at the same time part of the cabal that ran the EU. Yes, good old Thorbjoern was smack in the middle of it all, holding the post of Secretary General of the Council of Europe. Which meant that the EU in essence awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to itself. Talk about fair play, eh?

It was a farce on both occasions, with Obama and the EU accepting the Nobel Peace Prize. Mind you, in some respect both thoroughly deserved it. As it has become a tainted award that is given for political correctness and progressive politics. And we all know what these are all about. , with Obam and the EU getting g the audacity to ing elected US President. cently intrisuced a law banning pro