Of the Grenfell Tower fire. And the failure to explain what caused it


As you read this, the best brains in political correctness in Britain must be struggling to come up with an explanation that would fit the progressive multicultural narrative: what had caused a devastating fire in the Grenfell Tower 24-storey local council owned apartment block, in West London, on June 14 of this year, that left around 80 people dead, more than 100 wounded and scores homeless?

The very latest development in this tragic saga is that the police investigating the fire have concluded that there are reasons to bring manslaughter charges against the local authority and the association that managed the building on its behalf. Which is good news for residents who have survived the fire and are now housed at temporary accommodation. They could expect lawyers to launch multi-million lawsuits on their behalf. Especially as it came out during the investigation that they have been alerting the managing company and the local council that there were problems with fire safety in the building.

The government headed by PM Theresa May has been making a big fuss over the fire in Grenfell Tower, having ordered a number of investigations, including one into the so-called cladding panels that covered the building and are suspected to be the reason why the fire spread very quickly throughout the block. Cabinet ministers and officials lower down the chain have been passionate in calling for the need to get to the bottom of this tragedy, promising to do everything humanely possible to help survivors.

The liberal left, naturally, introduced a social justice angle into the tragedy, citing racism, neglect of the poor, austerity and even the influence of Brexit on the attitudes of people. Need it be said that most resident of the apartment block were immigrants and representatives of minorities. Well now you know.

The high profile fire, in an area of London that boasts some very upmarket properties, did not stay unnoticed by the world media including in America. The usual suspect picked up the narrative initiated by the left that it was basically a class thing, a disaster caused by indifference to the plight of minorities and the poor generally. The small matter of the apartment block housing illegal immigrants, who were renting rooms and whole flats illegally from some of the residents, somehow didn’t make big news. That is why the figure of 80 dead is treated with suspicion as the local authority can’t even say how many people exactly lived in the building.

But here is the crunch, the point that is turning this tragedy into a farce that is already backfiring on the government, on the liberal left and on the mainstream media. More than a month after the fire the cause of it remains unknown. The initial version of an ‘exploding refrigerator’ in the apartment on the second floor housing an immigrant from Ethiopia having caused the fire did not withstand the test of time. What is even more bizarre is that the person in question and his family have mysteriously disappeared and there is no trace of them.

The Orwellian side to this tragedy is that all the news reports about the fire in the Grenfell Tower tell about how it had spread and how people had died but not a word is mentioned how it actually started. It’s like describing the war in Iraq but leaving out the invasion bit and the presence of foreign troops there, instead just talking about the devastation and the casualties. As in, yeah, sure, shit happens and people die.

This is becoming so strange that some may be forgiven for thinking that the government, the police, the local council and the media are colluding to hide something very sinister. Like, for example, some very weird ritual involving fire getting out of control or things going horribly wrong at a ‘bomb factory’ in the building run by Islamic terrorists. Or something else no less sinister.

Anyway, the feeling is that the government is hiding something. And that is why the only reasonable conclusion that comes to mind is that some of the best brains in PC must be hard at work, thinking of what explanation to produce. And failing up to now to come up with anything.

  • Kevin Robb

    The investigation will drag on long enough for people not to care other then those affected by it then it becomes a non story due to the fact there is always something that happens that is fresher in the mind to distract you from things that have happened years ago

  • tom

    Indeed, something very dodge about this whole thing but the left have succeeded in politicising it so much that the truth will never come out. The alleged firestarter ( twisted firestarter ) has done a bunk with his family whom mysteriously were not present and his bags were also allegedly already packed for some kind of journey. This was either an arson attempt for compo gone wrong or something just as dodgy. The Gov and law nonenforcement should be investigating the sub letting and illegals living there, too many people and fraud. I sympathise with those having lost loved ones but come clean.