Senate witness: Fusion GPS worked for the Russians


Hermitage Capital Management Chief Executive Officer William Browder told a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday that Fusion GPS, the firm that commissioned the fake intelligence dossier about then-presidential candidate Donald Trump, was actually working for the Russians. According to Browder, the company’s co-founder Glenn Simpson was employed by a client of Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who met Donald Trump Jr. on June 9 last year at Trump Tower.

“In the spring and Summer of 2016, they were receiving money indirectly from a senior Russian government official,” Browser told Senate Judiciary Committee Member Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.).

The Democrats were hoping that Browder would confirm that the June 9 meeting was evidence that the Trump campaign was attempting to collude with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton but Browder stressed that their discussion was entirely focused on the Magnitsky Act. The 2012 Magnitsky Act was passed following the death of Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky in a Moscow prison in 2009.

“She brought up the Magnitsky Act. […] That was her main life project,” Browser told Graham.

Still, on the day compelling evidence emerged that the Trump-Veselnitskaya meeting was indeed about the Magnitsky Act and the Magnitsky Act only, Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was not asked a single question about Russia during her press briefing.

“You guys love to talk about Russia. There’s been nonstop coverage. And the one day that there might have been a question on Russia, there wasn’t,” she said before moving onto Browser’s testimony.

“Today there was public testimony that further discredited the phony dossier that’s been the source of so much of the fake news and conspiracy theories. And we learned that the firm that produced it was also being paid by the Russians,” she added.

“This is yet the latest piece of evidence that vindicates what the president has said: that this is a witch hunt and a hoax. And it’s a shame that the president and the country have had to go through this charade continually. Hopefully this will help us move forward in that process,” she concluded.

Two weeks ago, former Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo explained that, even though the Russians did not like Clinton, she was their preferred candidate because she was “totally predictable.” This would explain why Moscow was so keen to undermine Donald Trump. It would also dispel the theory that the Russians interfered in the U.S. Presidential election to benefit Donald Trump.