Scaramucci takes a walk. Hacks insist Trump’s White House is in meltdown


Imagine, for a moment, if Barack Obama’s administration had been under the same pressure as President Trump’s team at the moment, even half of the same pressure. Mr Obama would have probably lasted no more than a year or two as president, having before that lost at least half of his top people.

Which brings us, rather swiftly, to the sacking of White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci. All the usual suspects in the media have gone wild over his removal. As if he had ordered the IRS to look into the financial affairs of left-wing organisations or asked media outlets to provide him with the names of their sources and was found out. Yes, in case you haven’t picked up the irony, it’s what Obama’s people did, and got away with it. As with many other sins, like channelling funds through the Justice Department to left-wing groups. But that is all water under the bridge now, as they say.

The selling point of the impartial US mainstream media about Scaramucci taking a walk is to prove that Trump’s White House is in meltdown because the colourful former Wall Street financier had been at his post for only 10 days. Much noise is also made of the fact that he follows two other high-profile resignations, that of White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus, and spokesman Sean Spicer. The more adventurous hacks are recalling that Michael Flynt also had to resign as White House national security adviser six months ago, even though he never really stated his job.

In all honesty, Scaramucchi was probably a hasty choice for the job of communications director, considering that the White House comes under attacks of the media practically on an hourly basis. The tough world of Wall Street proved a walk in the park compared to the backstabbing and absurdly biased and corrupt world of the Washington’s mainstream media and its political swamp.

Scaramucchi, or Mooch as he got to be known, was in effect set up by a hack from the New Yorker magazine, who would have never dared to reveal the content of his private conversation if it were an Obama official on the other end of the line during the supposedly glorious eight years of Obama’s presidency. That does not mean, of course, that Sramacci should not have chosen his words more carefully in describing his colleagues and used less colourful language. But I don’t recall the US media hounding vice president Joe Biden for using the F-word during an official statement by Obama when the two men were walking away from the mikes in the White Hose.

A lot of fuss has also been made of the fact that the decisions to sack Scaramucci was taken by the new White House chief of staff, General John Kelly, who was sworn in on Monday and an hour later had a chat with the communications director. As if it was something that chiefs of staff don’t do, i.e. decide who works under them. .

Scaramucci’s biggest mistake was that he thought that the post of the communications director involved its occupier being in the news. That is completely wrong. This position is actually about the smooth interaction with the media while staying in the background and not becoming part of the news. It was not an easy job, considering that the current pool of Washington hacks resembles a pack of scavenging hyenas that seem to be bent on picking up any piece of dead carcass and making a meal out of it. But, nevertheless, Scaramucchi simply wasn’t good enough for the job and it was better to let him walk sooner rather than later.

And that is exactly what happened.