Loud unprovoked laughter as a sign of having a good time


Anyone who likes to have a good time must understand one very important rule that comes naturally to some people who hold strong left-wing views: you actually need to be seen as enjoying yourself. Yep, that’s the most important condition of them all – otherwise why bother having a good time when no one else can register that?

That’s why the best thing to do the moment you start having a good time, in the company of other people, is to laugh hysterically, without any provocation whatsoever, the way all lefties love to do when they get together, and keep on doing it throughout the whole process of having a good time. Even if no one is telling any jokes and there’s absolutely no reason to laugh, you still have to do it. Or risk getting people around you thinking that you are boring by nature and don’t know how to have a good time or, God forbid, hold views that might even be described as centrist.

Loud unprovoked laughter is taking the party scene in places that are famous for having a good time, like New York and Los Angeles, by storm these days while saving people the trouble of actually saying anything that makes any sense – or saying anything at all. The best Hollywood parties, so that you know, are those where people laugh hysterically for no apparent reason, which is considered a sure sign it’s a great party and everyone is having a good time.

At some post- Oscars parties in Hollywood people have been known to laugh non-stop for no reason for several hours, enjoying a reputation of great guests who know how to have a good time and be not afraid to show it. Democrat conventions and gatherings of the party faithful on a lesser scale are legendary for some serious unprovoked hysterical laughter that is often seen as proof of loyalty to everything Democrats stand for and are not prepared to give up. During the eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency some serious unprovoked loud laughter had been registered at parties thrown in the White House.

The thing about loud unprovoked laughter is that is saves you the trouble of trying to come up with anything clever – or anything all. Even if you laugh for no reason for the whole evening, no one is going to hold it against you and people will still think that you are a swell guy or girl who knows how to have a good time. No wonder that the most popular way of explaining these days why you date someone who is not exactly a looker is to say: he – or she – makes me laugh. And no questions usually follow this statement. Taken as a given. What else can you desire in a person if he or she makes you laugh?

Drinking, obviously, helps a lot if you want to laugh without any provocation. In fact, alcohol is a must for anyone who wants to be seen as having a good time. The more you drink, the easier loud unprovoked laughter comes to you. And don’t worry if you won’t remember anything from the previous day. The unwritten leftist idiot’s guide to having a good time states that if you don’t remember a thing about the night before, it means that you must have really enjoyed yourself or least looked like you were enjoying yourself.

It’s very simple really: if you got smashed and can’t remember anything that means you were mixing with the right kind of people and, naturally, you all laughed a lot for no reason. Which automatically implies that you’ve had a great time.

The other side of loud unprovoked laughter is that it is a great mating call for people who can’t really strike a conversation and communicate their way on the road leading to intimacy. But that is another subject better left for other time.