New line of attack on Trump. To keep the spotlight off the Democrats


Not a day passes by without the Democrats and the US mainstream media that has become an extension of the Democratic Party trying to find a new angle of attack against US President Donald Trump and his Administration. This time round the allegation, if it can be called an allegation, surrounds the role President Trump supposedly played in preparing the testimony of his son, Donald Trump Jnr, about the meeting he had held last year with a Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, in the Trump Tower in New York, organised by intermediaries, to allegedly discuss ‘compromising material’ that the Russian government had had on Hillary Clinton.

It has been established already that the meeting, on the request of Ms Veselnitskaya, was devoted to adoption issues of Russian children by American families and that vague and unconvincing statements about alleged evidence about Mrs Clinton were brushed aside by Trump Jnr, who was accompanied by Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort, two of Trump’s key election campaign advisors, as simply making no sense. He and his side lost interest in the whole conversation very quickly, so that the meeting was wound up after about 15 minutes.

Nevertheless the issue was dragged out months after the election that Mr Trump had won, as a sigh that his election team was ‘in cahoots with the Russian government’. The US Congees that seems to be populated by people who have nothing else better to do than to make up allegations of Russians helping Trump to win the election, made a big fuss out of that meeting and demanded that Trump Junior gives evidence about it where he said that at the time he did not even mention the fact to his father as it didn’t have any relevance.

Now the media attack dogs and the Democrats are saying that the President had actually helped his son to draft his testimony before Congress, even though there is no proof that but just anonymous sources telling hacks that it happened. The White House’s assertions that President Trump, who obviously knew about the matter of the meeting with the Russian lawyer, once it had become public knowledge, ‘weighed in on it’ has been immediately interpreted by the media as proof of collusion and even attempts to commit perjury.

This is starting to become so obscene that the White House would be well advised to start issuing writs against some of the mainstream hacks who are involved in slander and a conspiracy to undermine the office of the US President. This has no longer anything to do with free press. This looks like an organised campaign to hamper the work of the government and create chaos and instability in the institutions of power.

For the second time in American history the Democrats are colluding with rogue government officials and the media to try and bring down the US President, like is happened during the so-called Watergate scandal in the 1970s when the evidence of one disgruntled FBI agent was used to create an impression of a wide-ranging conspiracy in Richard Nixon’s White House that supposedly approved the bugging of the Democrat National Committee HQ in the Watergate Hotel in Washington in June 1972, in the run up to the presidential election of that year. President Nixon, who was despised by the Democrats and the US liberal media, was leading in that race at the time and had no reason to find out what the Democrats planned for their election campaign, was nevertheless dragged into this made-up scandal and eventually impeached in 1973, thanks to the treachery of some in his own party.

Exactly the same pattern is visible now, with the Democrats once again colluding with some of the Republicans in Congress, who are openly betraying their own president and their voters. Once again a creeping coup, like the one that happened back in the 1973, is taking place in Washington and the US mainstream media is smack in the middle of it all again. Not forgetting the world of entertainment that is doing a lot of dirty work for the Democrats.

The impression you get by watching this farce unravel is that the main aim is to keep the spotlight on President Trump and his team, because if it shifts from them to the Democrats they will be in very serious trouble. The list of grave allegations against Hillary Clinton, her husband and the top echelon of the Democrats is long and potentially very explosive. From profiting from collusion with foreign governments, including accepting large contributions for election purposes and directly profiting from deals, including with the Russian government on the sale of enriched uranium, to matters relating to influencing the course of the presidential campaign in favour of Mrs Clinton and serious moral flaws of top Democrats. This is why the attacks against President Trump are kept up, as any change of the wind, so to speak, may spell trouble and even criminal prosecutions for some Democrats and their supporters.

The so-called investigation into the Russian meddling in the US presidential election has now entered a stage when it looks like a farce that has to be kept up to prove that the conspirators – and there is no other name for the people behind it – are still looking for evidence. This investigation creates a smokescreen that allows to cover up the real links with foreign governments that Mrs Clinton and her husband had and never even bothered to hide. If the investigation into Trump’s supposed links with the Russians stops, the Clintons have had it. It is as simple as that.

Back in the days of the Watergate scandal people who knew what was really going on stayed silent because the very survival of the American political system was on the brink. If President Nixon’s impeachment would have been revealed to be a result of a conspiracy running through the whole of Washington’s establishment that would have been the end of America as we know it. So the truth was buried then. This time round we are witnessing a repeat of what had happened back in the 1970s and this time the system may not survive.