Don’t fall for conspiracy theories. Most originate from Big Brother anyway


Yes, sure, a powerful secret world government gets together every year, first in Davos, in Switzerland, on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum, then in some place where the Bilderberg lot chooses to have its annual get together, to plot against the world, and then it’s off to New York for the Masters of the Universe bash, in September. According to conspiracy enthusiasts, these three are all meeting of the secret world government that runs the world, appoints presidents and prime ministers and generally makes all the important decisions, like where to start a war or which regime should be overthrown and whether it is time to organise an economic or financial crisis.

And, according to these same conspiracy theories, all those G7 and G20 summits, the annual meetings of the IMF and the World Band and the UN General Assembly gatherings of world leaders take place for the sole purpose of getting new instructions from the secret world government or updating the existing ones.

The secret world government, as these conspiracy theories tell us, is so powerful that it can tell any world leader to take a walk, if he or she don’t play ball with it, and controls all the money flow in the world. Parliaments are run by it and central banks do as they are told. Politicians, we are told in hushed voices, would love to spend taxpayers’ money wisely and do things for their voters but they are unable to go against the orders of the secret world government and live in constant fear. And when they are told to start a war, they better rush and do it – or else.

People roll their eyes and tap themselves on the nose, or on the temple, depending on the seriousness of what they are about to say, telling others they know things that most don’t. And according to these well-informed people, the secret world government has already drawn up plans for the world’s future, like cutting down the populations of the planet to a ‘golden billion’ from the current 7 billion, so that only the chosen ones live while the rest perish, poisoned by bad food, dangerous drugs, wars and arranged natural disasters.

Sone extremely brave individuals are even hinting that the secret world government is linked to the aliens and the lizards that have long ago invaded our planet and assumed human identities, working out the evil plans together. That is why they are so keen on cutting down the population by about 90 per cent.

And, naturally, all of the members of the secret world government are obscenely rich and have made arrangements to disappear on their personal islands, in case they decide to unleash a nuclear war on our planet.

In essence, the idea of all the conspiracy theories about the secret world government is that elected politicians are just pawns in its games and don’t decide anything while all those big bankers and big businessmen and all sorts of self-made tycoons and media barons, they are all just doing what they are told. And how can you object to that secret government if that is so powerful it can even change the climate, as eager scientists who have come up with the term ‘man- made climate change’ confirm. As in, we even know who that man is who changes the weather.

But here’s the deal. All that talk about the secret world government that runs everything suits the very real governments just fine. Because a lot of people buy all that rubbish and even feel sorry for their politicians who can’t really change anything. The all-powerful secret world government is to blame for all the mess in the world, they figure, not the corrupt politicians and their banker friends and captains of industry who carve up the budgets of whole nations, including the ones that call themselves democracies, and get away with it because the mainstream media and the law look the other way.

And that suits all these creeps just fine. And they even encourage conspiracy buffs to plug their stuff, with some of them achieving cult status and writing books and doing lectures to packed halls and stadiums about the secret world government. And Hollywood that is funded to a large extent by government money is encouraged to make films about conspiracies and aliens and how politicians don’t really decide anything.

Get my message? Big Brother wants you to be stupid and buy all of this rubbish about the powerful secret world government, so that you feel helpless to change anything and watch in awe your rulers and their cronies rip you off. On orders of the world secret government, of course.