Ever wondered where ISIS in Iraq and Syria get their weapons and ammo from?


Ever wondered where ISIS in Iraq and Syria get their weapons and ammo from and how is it that their supplies lines never seem to dry up? Cunning question this, isn’t it? And if we ever find the answers to it, the secret of a terrorist group that seems to be able to resist regular armies of so many nations would become apparent.

We’ve got two coalitions currently battling ISIS in Iraq and Syria, one is headed by the US that covers both countries and the other one is headed by Russia and is limited to Syria. And yet both of these coalitions can’t finish off the pesky terrorists and cut their supply lines. And considering that ISIS have no air force and are subjected to relentless bombings from the air and attacks by regular and semi-regular forces on the ground, the mystery becomes even greater.

There have been many rumours and news reports that ISIS sell oil that they get in both Iraq and Syria to the Turks, who, for obvious reasons, deny that they are involved. But it is always possible that the black market dealers in Turkey are buying all that ISIS oil and then sell it on. Plus we can assume that the hostage taking business that ISIS is involved in brings in quite a lot of money. Not to mention that groups and individuals across the region that are sympathetic to ISIS and its cause, whatever it is, are probably providing money to the terrorists.

But that is the financial side of things. When it comes to weapons and ammo and transport, then the mystery deepens because unlike money these things are bulky and noticeable when delivered to eagerly awaiting customers. Which means that someone somewhere is organising the flow of arms and other supplies and no one can trace it or stop it.

Countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait were mentioned as providers of support for ISIS, but they all deny that they give them weapons and ammo. And as for the financial assistants, governments of these proud nations claim that it is about rich individuals among their citizens doing that but not them, governments. Which does sound odd if you think that all that financial support can be organised by individual people with governments having no idea who they are and where they operate from.

Then there were reports that weapons from Ukraine that has a civil war of its own find their way into ISIS hands. But no one seems to have any definite prove of that. Just like no one has any proof that weapons from some NATO countries mysteriously make their way to the Middle East, ending up with ISIS.

Some hotheads have been suggesting that weapons fall into ISIS hands with the help of unscrupulous commanders in the Iraqi and Syrian armies, who get them from US and their allies and Russia and its allies. But to claim that such volumes could be re-sold by these two armies just doesn’t make sense. Although it has been known that weapons that are supplied to the moderate ant-government opposition in Syria by Western and some other countries end up with ISIS. But again no one can prove anything specific and point to where the supply lines are running.

The fact of the matter is that Iraq and Syria where ISIS operate are being monitored from the air by so many countries that it’s practically impossible to organise a constant stream of supplies of weapons and ammunition without getting noticed. So the conclusion we have to make is that governments are not telling us what is going on and are playing some strange games that don’t allow to put an end to military conflicts in Syria and Iraq while the mainstream media is keeping silent about the whole situation.

Which means the end to this carnage is nowhere in sight.