If you’re drunk and like the music that’s playing, it’s probably total rubbish


How is it that grown-up people actually like pop music? I mean, not just listening to it but actually taking it seriously.

Is it weird or what when people in their 40s and 50s and even older bang on about pop as if it matters? And it gets even weirder when they discuss some obscure bands and solo acts and even follow their sad pathetic private lives. I always want to tell them: get a life! Pop is for kids who’ll listen to anything if it’s got the words ‘baby’ or ‘ecstasy’ mentioned in it a lot or if the band has a weird-sounding name like ‘F..k My Toy Rabbit’ or ‘Don’t F’’k My Toy Rabbit’, or something similar that makes no sense but sounds ‘cool’.

The overwhelming majority of pop acts are amateurs at best or absolutely hopeless at worst. When I hear some of the bands and solo acts, including those screaming ‘pop divas’ with saliva gurgling in their throats and the word ‘baby’ peppering their lyrics, I despair. How on earth, I ask myself, could these people have ever achieved any success? Who listens to them, who buys or downloads their albums and who pays good money to go and see them play live? It’s just crazy.

I can understand people liking some of the old greats who could at least write good tunes and entertain the crowds. As they get older they are supposed to realise that the greatest of pop music pales into insignificance compared with jazz, blues and classics. Sure, there are some good pop tracks around and you can listen to them from time to time, using them as background at parties or while driving, but they’re not what real music is all about.

Here’s a test for you: try getting drunk and listening to good jazz or classical music. I bet you won’t be able to last long. You won’t like it very much. Jazz and classical music are not for intoxicated minds. It takes an effort to appreciate them and alcohol doesn’t help. But if you listen to pop while drunk, you’ll love it to death: primitive tunes, simple repetitive lyrics and amateurish vocals. And if you watch a video you’ll get to see the ‘dancing’ as well: a mixture of aerobics and gyrating robot-like movements. In all honesty, anyone can sing and move like that.

And yet, supposedly sane middle-aged people, men predominantly, download stuff that is intended for teenagers. These over-grown pop fans would never confess to listening to all that rubbish at home, or in their cars. It’s just like with watching the box: you hear people saying that they never even switch it on, then, a few moments later, they start talking about some rubbishy TV show they’ve seen, demonstrating a lot of inside knowledge about it.

That’s why, by the way, karaoke rubbish like all those singing competitions on the box have become so popular. No one bothers any more to listen to good music, even good pop. I bet you that this downfall in public tastes will soon produce acts that wouldn’t even be able to hold a tune together for several seconds. Already on many records you can hear bands playing and singing out of key. And that’s on RECORDED tracks, made in studios and selected out of many versions.

So next time when you’ve had a few and like the music that is playing, remember: it’s probably total rubbish.

  • gezzzab

    I agree Alexander, and to anyone with an appreciation of Jazz featuring Ella F (yeah) Miles D (yeah) John Coltrane.. (who?)… well listen whydontcha?… and Stan Getz. or Stanny G if you prefer.
    Here’s one… from Columbia… yeah left wing.. yeah .. but listen to real music.. go on…