What’s this about a grand jury looking into Trump’s links with Russia?


The one thing you can’t deny the US mainstream media is consistency. From the moment Donald Trump had been nominated as the official candidate of the Republicans in the presidential election it has been coming up with wild allegation against the man on a regular, sometimes even daily basis. Most of them were nonsense, made up facts and distortions, but that did not stop the ‘crusaders of free speech’ exercising their constitutional right, as they presented it. Even though lying while hiding behind free speech is not exactly enshrined in the US Constitution.

The latest rumour packaged as a leak from an informed source who, naturally, wishes to remain anonymous is that special counsel Robert Mueller, a former FBI Director who hadn’t exactly covered himself in glory at that post, is supposedly using a federal grand jury that has been assembled in Washington to look into the meddling in the US presidential election by the Russian government that allegedly sided with Trump. This bit of news has been first released by the Wall Street Journal and then picked up by other media outlets that are implying that President Trump is under federal investigation himself.

A new exciting twist in the story of the media trying to prove that a man who took on the US political establishment and won is supposedly an agent of influence of the Kremlin. American democracy has never looked so peculiar, to put it very mildly, as it does these days.

President Trump’s lawyers say they never heard about such a jury but that does not impress the mainstream hacks. Neither are they discouraged by the fact that the Mueller’s team has refused to confirm the existence of such a jury. But hey, who cares about evidence when the narrative flows like cold beer on a hot summer day?

The efforts of the US mainstream media, supported by the Democrats and their allies in the government machine, have one particular purpose: to keep up the pressure on the Trump Administration and make sure that the spotlight is firmly fixed on it. Because the worrying thing for the Democrats is that investigators from the Department of Justice are homing in on the people who have been leaking information to the media and have links to the Clinton-Obama axis of evil – sorry, but I couldn’t resist having a go at these people – that spells trouble for a lot of progressives. And that means that everything is done now to throw as much mud as possible at President Trump and his people as part of a damage limitation exercise to protect the Clintons & Co.

The fact that President Trump has left for an extended holiday break, though, should be a menacing sign for the Democrats. It is a good time for the Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his people to start clearing up the leakers from governments departments who have passing classified information with the aim of damaging President Trump personally. Four people have been already charged with that and more are bound to follow.