How about that man-made summer this year, eh? With its man-made heat


It’s a scorcher this year in Europe and some other parts of the world, that man-made summer, I mean, with that extraordinary man-made heat causing havoc all over the place. All in the context of man-made climate change that is hitting the planet hard, as we are told, forcing governments to slap some serious green taxes on their populace who seem to be blissfully unaware of the dangers of the influence that mankind has on the weather that changes, according to some of the biggest names in science, for the worse all the time.

It’s not quite clear at the moment whether the climate is heating up or cooling down, mind you. But the overwhelming gut feeling among the man-made climate change enthusiasts is that the temperature is rising and if mankind doesn’t do something about it, the world would perish.

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, that fine body of men and women, confirms that all of this is fact. And in case anyone thinks it’s all made up, there are numerous tables and diagrams and conclusions of countless researches that supposedly prove that yes, man is influencing the change in the climate by failing to cut carbon emissions.

On a scientific level, it is very simple to prove any theory, if you have the stats in hand that back your conclusions and the people with fancy scientific titles supporting this or that trend. And stats, these days, have become so flexible that you can basically push them in any direction. And scientists have become flexible as well, and would say anything if he price is right. How do you think they still manage to keep the myth of Darwin’s evolution intact? Yep, dodgy stats backed up by shifty-eyed experts, even though a simple question – what was first, the chicken or the egg? – blows the whole evolution theory apart.

Modern popular science as a whole is based on assumptions that would not pass some very simple tests, if not for the mighty promotion they are given by powerful groups of people who benefit directly from them. But hey, that’s progress and innovation for you! It works in mysterious ways though. They are planning to fly a man to Mars but they still can’t invent a noiseless lawnmower. Go figure, eh?

But back to man-made climate change. On a common sense level this theory has so many holes in it that it won’t hold water even for a few seconds. And the quickest way to spot the weakness of this concept is the reminder that we still have no idea how Mother Nature operates and can’t even predict the weather for the next day, save the next week, month or year. Yet climatologists with fancy comb-overs and large grants from governments tell us with confidence that they can see the patterns of the climate changing in the next 100 years for the worse, and can look back at the weather as far as 1000 and even 5000 years ago to prove it.

And then, of course, there’s the blatant lying and falsifying of facts and data that the man-made climate change scientific community has been caught doing many times now and the absolute unforgivable green scams that have made even more problems worse not better. How about that energy saving bulbs scam that has already damaged the environment while leaving consumers seriously out of pocket? And how about the diesel car scam that makes the man-made climate change collective look like a mafia that does whatever it wants and gets away with it?

And don’t forget the false doomsday predictions that have not happened and show no signs of happening, like the Arctic ice cap melting by 2008. Or was it by 2012? Yes, that one passed without much noise, has it? And how about the amounts of taxpayers’ money being misused by all sorts of deeply revolting people and slimy corporations that run into trillions, how about them?

Man-made climate change theory dates back to the first witch-doctors in Africa who had convinced the locals that they could change the weather, if the whole tribe produced gifts for the spirits in the sky who then would send rain or stop it. And the whole savage community joined in the effort, supplying the witch-doctors with gifts so that they could pass them on to the spirits who would then change the weather.

These days the whole fuss around the man-made climate change does resemble that ancient arrangement a lot.