Poll: two-thirds of Democrats favor a bipartisan approach


A new poll conducted by the GS Strategy Group for the advocacy group the American Action Network in early August found that the majority of American voters want Democrats in Congress to work with the Republicans and the president to advance the Trump administration’s agenda. With regard to taxation, 57 percent of those questioned also believe that the personal income tax code needs to be revamped while 46 percent of Democrats feel that taxes need to be cut. It should be noted that 37.8 percent of the respondents identified as ‘Democrats,’ 31.7 percent as ‘Republicans,’ while 23.0 percent described themselves as ‘Independents.’

When asked whether the Democrats should work with the Republicans, 80.9 percent of those questioned said that they should while 13.2 percent would like them to block the Republican agenda. Interestingly, 68.9 percent of Democrats favored a bipartisan approach.

With regard to personal income taxes, 52.3 percent of respondents felt that they needed to be cut whereas 40.6 percent stated that they were about right (33.3 percent) or too low (7.3 percent). Forty-six percent of Democrats felt that they were too high.

The survey also highlighted that the majority of those questioned disagreed with the Democrats’ message that the GOP’s income-tax reform plan would only benefit those better off. Indeed, 50.7 percent of those who agreed to take part in the poll felt that the Republican reform would benefit them and their families. Only 23.2 percent agreed with the Democrats’ propaganda.

In addition, the poll showed that a vast majority of respondents (77 percent) also believed that the business tax system should be revamped or significantly altered because high taxes have a major impact on job creation and the nation’s economy (41.5 percent) or because businesses are forced to pass these onto their consumers (35.5 percent). A minority (16.8 percent) felt that high company taxes did not affect them at all.

When asked why a business tax reform was required, nearly 4 out of 10 Americans (39.3 percent) felt that tax loopholes should be eliminated. Nearly a quarter (23.5 percent) said they believed that lower business taxes would promote job creation while 19.7 percent thought a tax reform would make U.S. companies more competitive abroad.

Finally, over two-thirds (69.4 percent) of Americans would favor a business tax code overhaul if it made U.S. companies more competitive against China. Only 19 percent would oppose such a reform even if it benefited our businesses.

The full survey can be consulted on the American Action Network website.