Spare a thought for US hacks and spooks growing desperate over RussiaGate


Spare a thought for US mainstream media hacks and spooks who are growing more desperate by the day to find at least some sort of evidence that would confirm their allegations that US President Donald Trump won the presidential election last year with the help of the Russian government. Because at the moment the whole RussiaGate resembles a farce that makes the people behind it look seriously stupid, not to mention grotesquely incompetent and corrupt.

The bottom line is that the so-called RussiaGate scandal has been going on for more than a year but nothing of any substance has been produced up to now. In fact, it all sounded more of wishful thinking on the part of the mainstream media and the intelligence community that turned weirdly pro- Democrat and anti-Trump and made statements that smacked more of liberal propaganda than fact.

Former presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, along with ex-president Barack Obama and their inner circles, obviously, have a lot to do with the false anti-Trump narratives that are being spread in Washington and beyond, having failed to accept that they bear most of the responsible for the loss by the Democrats of the presidential election and of both chambers of US Congress. Not to mention that the allegations against Trump about his collusion with the Russians have helped to keep the spotlight off the Democrats and their serious misdemeanours, including rigging of the vote in favour on Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries, accepting foreign money for their election campaign and all sorts of others sins that could spell serious trouble for many top Democrats.

Even a quick glance at RussiaGate shows how flimsy was and still is all the so-called ‘evidence’ that it was based on right from the start. In fact, in the first stages of this non-scandal allegations were solely founded on hearsay, rumours and unsubstantiated statements coming from the intelligence community that it had reason to believe that collusion between Trump and his team with Russia was real. So bizarre were these allegation that mainstream media had to resort to the most outrageous twisting of facts in order to cling to the false narrative that the Kremlin helped Trump win the election.

It came to a point when even a brush with the Russian ambassador to Washington, a man with a habit of attending every function in order to be seen as doing his job by his bosses in Moscow, was seen as proof of the Russian link. Mike Flynn, the short lived White House national Security adviser, was hounded out of office on false allegations of collusion with Moscow, i.e. having two phone conversations with the Russian ambassador, that would have been laughed off had any of the Democrats had had similar contacts. And Jeff Sessions, the current US Attorney General, was accused of having ‘Russian links’ on the basis that he twice bumped into the Russian ambassador at functions, having exchanged pleasantries with him. This was so absurd it bordered on the surreal.

And as for the US intelligence community, ex-FBI Director James Comey’s testimony to the Senate regarding his dismissal by President Trump and his private conversation with him was an example of such treachery and blatant betrayal of his office that Comey should have left the hearings in handcuffs and the whole intelligence community told to shut their collective traps.

The unprecedented flood of leaks from the White House that was feeding the mainstream media with supposed ‘revelations’ about President Trump was in itself proof that the Democrats and the so-called Deep State in Washington, which is in effect a group of people who use politics to get rich, were desperate to keep the pressure on President Trump by an means. Obama, Hillary Clinton and their people were obviously smack in the middle of it all, proving once again that the Democrats are a divisive party that feeds on confrontation and use of minorities to silence the majority.

The US mainstream media that is now coming up with baseless allegations practically daily – apart from the current period of subdued hatred when all the hacks are on holiday – has damaged its cred in this whole RussiaGate affair to an extent that it is difficult to imagine how it will ever recover. It got away with the Watergate scandal, which was a made-up affair, because no one on the Republican side wanted to rock the boat. Not forgetting that a lot of Republicans disliked Richard Nixon and behaved as traitors, just like they are doing now. But this time round the corruption and liberal bias of US mainstream media is so obvious and the RussiaGate scandal is so blatantly fixed that the media’s reputation will be destroyed for good. This is the end of the road for the likes of CNN, NBC, Washington Post and New York Times and many other liberal outlets. There is no way back. Their wounds are fatal.

As for the FBI and CIA and the rest of the intelligence cabal it is clear that they need to be reformed and purged of their liberal bias. That dossier on Donald Trump prepared by former British MI6 operative that sounded like something from a trashy tabloid blew their game away. To claim that this was a serious piece of intelligence gathering, like James Comey did and other top spooks as well, should have sent alarm bells ringing in US Congress that American intelligence community was simply not up to its role and is staffed by people who are unprofessional. Mind you, Congress itself has behaved appallingly in this RussiaGate. Never in the history of the US have personal agendas of members of Congress played such an important role in their decisions and behaviour.

In essence we now have a situation when the key players in the Washington ‘swamp’, including the mainstream media, are pinned to the wall by their own manipulations and political games and are forced to continue attacking the US President in a face-saving exercise. So the only thing left to do is to conduct some serious cleansing of the system. Otherwise the crisis will run for years.