Obama should thank his lucky stars he wasn’t a Republican president


Barack Obama should thank his lucky stars that he wasn’t a Republican president. Because if he were, he would have had a hell of time, finding himself on the receiving end of some serious ridicule in the media and on the comedy circuit.

Why, I can hear some people out there asking, why so?

Well, for starters he would not have had such an easy ride in 2008 when he had had the support of practically all the media, apart from Fox News. The three TV debates that he took part in with John McCain would not have been presented as his great success, because, to be honest, he didn’t really fare all that well in them. And his campaign funds, all the $2 billion plus that he had gathered from the ordinary people would have been scrutinised much more closely, revealing that a great big chunk out of it came from Wall Street. And his supposedly catchy campaign slogan, ‘Yes we can’, would not have been treated as all that great, should he have been a Republican candidate. I can just see the front page of the New York Times saying: “Yes we can what? Get your act together, Mr Obama.”

And then there was the incident at the inauguration ceremony when Mr Obama fluffed his lines from the oath. Boy oh boy would he have been given hell if he were a Republican president. In fact, he would have been ridiculed for whole eight years, if would have lasted that long, with many cheeky lefties claiming that he should have stepped down soon after that incident.

And let’s not forget the deeply embarrassing Nobel Peace Prize that Mr Obama was nominated for after less than two weeks on the job. As a PR disaster it would have rated 12 on the Richter scale of PR disasters. Every leftie commentator and every comedian in the land would have had a go at Mr Obama, and would have kept having a go at him during his whole time in office. Especially considering that he didn’t really prove to be a dove and had sent more drones into Pakistan in a couple of years than the bloodthirsty George Bush did in all his time in in office. And that surge in Afghanistan, with 30,000 additional US troops flown there to kick butt, wasn’t exactly a Nobel thing to do, if you pardon the pun. And helping to turn Libya in a hellhole was not great at all. And sending arms to Syria that ended up in the hands of ISIS, a terrorist movement that Obama helped to create when he pulled the US forces out of Iraq way too early.

And then there was the nearly $5 trillion of new money created by the US Fed under Obama that helped no one really, and the unemployment rate going through the roof, and the dodgy deals with the pharmaceutical companies that helped to push through the healthcare reform bill, and the many lobbyists working in his Administration, even though he promised not to let those ‘revolving doors’ spin on his shift.

Should I mention that every leftie hack and every comedian would have been taunting Mr Obama about his birth certificate, if he were a Republican president? I can imagine whole episodes of Saturday Night Live devoted to the subject, with Eddie Murthy or Will Smith, invited to portray Mr Obama, having a field day. And the Nobel Peace Prize would have obviously been weaved constantly into the fabric of that ‘great comedy show’ made for fans of left-wing biased humour and seriously bad acting.

I don’t even want to mention the embarrassing incidents with Mr Obama’s aunt and uncle, both illegal immigrants for decades, caught by the cops under the most hilarious of circumstances. This would have been the subject of puns, jokes, whole episodes of comedy series and maybe even whole books for years. This is a killer subject for anyone of any authority, but for the president of the land? Boy oh boy would the comedy crowd have made Mr Obama suffer if he were a Republican.

So, by any standards Mr Obama has gotten off very lightly during his two terms as a Democrat President. And he better remember that as he is now helping to undermine President Donald Trump, having his people installed in many of the governments agencies that should be politically impartial.