A few pointers on what constitutes good comedy and satire


As mainstream comedy and satire (C&S) are collapsing all around us – you can the Edinburgh Fringe this year to get a feel of the utter disaster that modern C&S have become – it’s probably a good time to look at what actually constitutes decent comedy and satire.

The first and most important thing of all is that C&S have to be funny. It’s a must, you see. You can’t get round it and expect people to laugh when what you are selling them has no hint of fun in it. No doubt there are some people out there who would laugh at anything, as such abysmally unfunny TV shows as Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show in US and Have I got News For You, Mock the Weeks and the latest addition, The Daily Mash, in Britain demonstrate, with their live studio audiences roaring with laughter at anything that is being said. But these are people with issues and strange recreational habits and even a yogurt has more culture than they do, so we might just as well ignore them.

Sorry about that, folks, but that’s life and it at times it can be very unfair to you.

The main problem with modern mainstream C&S is that they are grotesquely unfunny. It’s not like you hear some good jokes and some bad ones as well. This modern stuff is all bad, with no high points. In fact, things have reached a stage when you would not be able to crack a smile throughout the whole tedious process. Modern C&S are bland, left-wing liberal biased, never deal with any of the issues that matter, are over the top political correct and basically avoid being funny at all costs.

And once you lose the funny side, the whole thing collapses. Liberal bias makes C&S look and sound tedious and forces performers and scriptwriters to introduce swearing, in your face crass rudeness and dumb-ass jokes, as they are called, that are about as funny as hearing people tell stories of how they caught syphilis or other STDs. Subtlety and innuendo, the main components of good intelligent C&S, go out of the window and political correctness, the twin sister of liberal bias, makes the whole thing sound neutered and false.

Which brings us, rather handily, to the people who are involved in the world of mainstream C&S. All of them are, in fact, politically correct as hell and aspire to the loony left view of life bordering on obscene. And even the performers, who claim to be ‘on the right’ or ‘telling it like it is’, are actually nothing of the kind and are as left as the Chinese communist party. So basically what happens is that these otherwise fine people are simply unable to be funny. It’s like asking a castrato to sing in a husky voice or achieve an erection. He won’t be able to do it. Even if you point a gun to his head or pump him with Viagra.

Good C&S demand that people involved in their production and execution are intelligent, impartial, subtle and are not afraid to have a go at any subject that the left hold dear to their hearts. Jokes about Trump, Sarah Palin, the late Ronald Reagan, the Republican party, the Catholic Church or the Pope have become tiresome and not funny in the slightest. You can’t be pro-liberal biased as hell and think that people wouldn’t notice. Especially as there is a wealth of characters on the left, including the Clintons, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, the whole of the Democratic Party leadership and the Antifa thugs to name but a few, who are just asking to be ridiculed.

And speaking of Obama, how did it happen that in his eight years in the White House, with some of the most bizarre goings-on happening on his watch, the C&S crowd in America did not take a single pop at him? Or his sidekick, Joe ‘the village idiot’ Biden? Or thieving and lying Hillary Clinton? If anything signals that the funny lot in America has lost it completely, this would be it, missing the real culprits altogether.

In Britain, incidentally, the mainstream C&S fraternity has a go at the late Margaret Thatcher, the Tory party, the people who voted for Brexit, the Anglican Church, the Queen and the whole Royal Family while not a single leftie politician gets the slack from the C&S crowd.

We at Scoop have already pointed out that left-wing liberals don’t do comedy or satire, they do propaganda, which are two different things completely. And propaganda can never be funny, can it?

So the conclusion is: mainstream comedy and satire need to change. Or it’s curtains for them. Dustbin of history and all that.

  • gezzzab

    I agree wholeheartedly with Alexander and I have been aware of this for years. The problem is that, BBC shows such as “Have I Got News For You”, are more than mere TV shows, they have become part of the fabric of our (TV) culture. The innate left-liberal bias is now accepted as the norm and Labour politicians appearing on the show get an easy ride, whilst Tory or UKIP are ridiculed relentlessly. It is tiresome and repetitive so I have ceased watching, although of course, I still need to pay my TV license fee!