Main problem with mainstream media? People toiling in it


More and more people these days are asking themselves: why is it that the mainstream media is so bad in informing us while prone to lying, distorting facts and even making them up altogether? And just as many of them come up with all sorts of weird explanations for that, including such gems as “they don’t want to rock the boat”, “they are themselves not told what is going on”, “the secret world government forbids them to tell the truth” or “they have to make up things to sell copy”.

The craziest ones are under the impression that mainstream media is free to say whatever it wants and that is exactly what it does, tells it like it is. These people live in a world they have created for themselves where it never rains, the sun shines but doesn’t burn, the government always tells the truth and people are like brothers to each other. These ones are lost for ever and there’s no point in disappointing them. If you are like that, refrain from reading this further and switch to other media outlets.

Still, the question lingers: why is it that mainstream media is such rubbish in reporting things as they are and lies, twists facts and even makes up whole narratives? And the answer is that it takes a certain kind of people, who work in the industry of the spoken and written word, to have no problems with being economical with the truth and lying blatantly, if the necessity arises.

I can show you whole issues of newspapers or whole news bulletins that contain not an ounce of truth in them and yet, people still buy and watch them and feel informed and enlightened and no one seems to object and protest about it. And that sort of comforts the men and women who toil in the mainstream media because, they figure, if it were problem, there would have been protests and sackings and all sorts of other nasty things happening. But as nothing happens and they are told that they are doing a fine job, and are paid very generously and are even getting prestigious awards for their hard work, they carry on, delivering news and analysis and comment – analysis and comment is a very popular form of lying – and even claim to be safeguarding democracy, whatever that means these days. The braver ones even insist that they keep politicians on their toes and hold them to account. And that take real guts, to say that and, even more outrageously, to actually think like that. But that is how they are, those hacks of mainstream media.

And here we come to the crux, the main issue that has turned mainstream media around the world into a wold of make belief. They thing is that during decades, and some say even centuries, a new type of men and women have developed in the mainstream media, who live in accordance with their own set of ethics, if ethics is the right word here, and abide by their own set of rules. Money, obviously, plays the key role in this world of mainstream media. along with a strong desire to keep the job at all costs and be ready to change personal opinions and convictions at a moment’s notice, with dignity and integrity kept intact. It’s absolutely crucial for any successful career in mainstream media to feel that a change of convictions poses no problem for personal integrity – however many times that change occurs during the day, week or month.

Need I say that political correctness and left-wing liberal ideology bordering on militancy is a must in mainstream journalism? Consider that I’ve said it. Because if you don’t have these, then you may as well go into catering or retail trade where you may, if you are lucky, get away without them.

Having a drink or drug problems or a sex addiction is not a problem for a successful career in mainstream media, as they are looked upon as acceptable sins of our liberal times. It’s not like having conservative views or attending church, for example, that pose a serious threat to career prospects these days, not just in mainstream media but pretty much in any profession. Apart from a career in the organised crime, although word is that even there you need to choose your words carefully now.

Talent? That is optional in mainstream media, as long as you toe the PC line and can string words and sentences together. In some cases, when devotion to liberal values is overpowering, even the ability to string words and sentences together might not be required, as so many example demonstrate.

So when you have a collective of persons, who are all, I stress, all share the characteristics listed above, toiling happily side by side in the media business, such trivial matters as making up news or polishing parts of it to an extent that it has nothing to do with what really happened come naturally.