Poll: Flake under water in Arizona Senate GOP primary


A new Arizona poll conducted by JMC Analytics between August 26 and August 27 shows that a majority of likely Republican voters would cast a ballot for former state Sen. Kelli Ward if the GOP primary were held today. The survey also shows that three-quarters of respondents are pleased with the job President Trump is doing.

When asked which candidate they would support were the Arizona Senate GOP primary held right now, 47 percent said that they would back Ward while only 21 percent of the respondents would cast a ballot for Sen. Jeff Flake. Twenty-nine percent told JMC Analytics that they were still undecided.

Sixty-six percent of those questioned said that they would prefer someone else to be the GOP nominee next year, roughly the same percentage (67 percent) as those who told the pollsters that they had a negative opinion of Flake. Only 22 percent of those questioned had a favorable opinion of him. In contrast, 43 percent of respondents said that they viewed Ward favorably.

The poll also shows that likely GOP voters trust President Trump’s opinion of Flake. Flake recently released an anti-Trump book in which he criticizes the president’s immigration and trade policies among other things.

When asked how Mr. Trump’s endorsement of a candidate would affect their vote, 56 percent said that they would be more likely to back a candidate the president had already endorsed. Nineteen percent said that they would be less likely to do so. Twenty-five percent said that it would make no difference.

The pollsters then reminded their sample that Mr. Trump had described Flake as “weak on borders, crime, and a non-factor in the Senate” before asking the participants whether the president’s desire to unseat Flake would affect the way they vote next year. Sixty percent said that they would be less likely to back Flake while 21 percent stated that they would be less likely to do so. Nineteen percent said it would make no difference.

Finally, over three-quarters (76 percent) of the likely Republican voters said that they approved of President Trump’s performance so far. Only 21 percent are unhappy with the job he is doing.

Eighty-seven percent of the participants were White, five percent Hispanic, three percent black, two percent Asian and three percent “other.”