Of hurricane Harvey, high-heel shoes and the left losing it


Well, wouldn’t you know it! Democrats and the liberal left generally, including their allies in the US mainstream media that increasingly looks like a parody on itself, could not find anything wrong with US President Trump handling of the devastating hurricane Harvey that hit Texas. So they went for the First Lady Melania Trump and her choice of shoes that she wore when she accompanied her husband during the visit to the devastated areas.

Yes, folks, eagle-eyed hacks, who should be concerned with other things, spotted Mrs Trump wearing high heel shoes. What an inconsiderate thing to do! People are struggling with the flood, enduring hardships, and the First Lady demonstrates such disregard for their suffering. Should have worn all black and flats or jack boots, preferably black as well, as a sign that she understands the gravity of the situation. Look at the former First Lady, Michelle Obama, she looked like she was in mourning every time she showed up in public. Why break with such fine tradition?

So here is the message for the people who are upset with Mrs Trump’s choice of footwear: the First Lady should look glamorous under all circumstances, you morons! That is why she is called the First Lady. For way too long America’s First Ladies were, quite frankly, not really looking all that great. And if someone is upset about the shoes that Mrs Trump was wearing, they better keep it to themselves. Especially when they did not say anything in the past eight years, when the previous First Lady was meddling in politics and plugging some of the most divisive liberal agendas imaginable. At least Mrs Trump does not make a political statement every time she shows up in public and doesn’t waste taxpayers’ money on trips abroad.

The way the US media and the left generally have been treating Mrs Trump is absolutely appalling. A sure sign that America has slipped into a state of barbarity that is more suitable for a struggling banana republic. Remember when fashion designers refused to dress Mrs Trump for the inauguration ceremony? This was so absurd, so petty and vile that the whole world suddenly recognised what a backward and uncivilised society America had become.

Thank God Ralph Lauran had the sense to create an outstanding powder blue suit for the stunning First Lady! But the feeling of disgust with the US fashion world that is 101 per cent loony liberal remains. This was petty, this was stupid and this shamed the whole of the US. This is what Obama’s eight years in office have created: a nation divided by hate that originates on the left.

If Hillary Clinton would have won the election, the US would have become a place unfit for decent people to live in. Not to mention that America would have had Bill Clinton as First Gentleman. That alone makes Trump’s victory worthwhile.