The art of drinking. The right way and the way the left do it.


In case you don’t know it, drinking, as in consuming alcohol, is an art and it has its own rules that need to be properly implemented, or you would not just miss out on the pleasure of the process but may cause a lot of distress and torment to others. It is part of good manners and being able to communicate with others while having a good time yourself.

Which brings me to the drinking habits of the liberal left that are all wrong, in a sick and twisted sort of way, often turning the consumption of alcoholic beverages of different strength into an idiotic outpouring of liberal propaganda.

The thing about the left getting drunk is that they become angry and aggressive very quickly, and start swearing a lot indiscriminately. Why? Because their ideology is angry and aggressive and once they get drunk, it overwhelms them and they tend to lose control. Socialism and communism and their new incarnation, militant neo-liberalism, are all based on anger and hatred of anyone who does not share their views. The whole essence of socialism and communism and militant neo-liberalism is based on envy and jealousy of other people’s success. If you don’t believe me, look up Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin and you will understand what the left are all about.

All left-wing revolutions and coups in history were driven by envy. They were not about creating something new but all about destroying what existed already while simply taking everything that belonged to others. It was labelled as redistribution of wealth or, as Lenin’s Bolsheviks put it, ‘stealing from the thieves’ or ‘expropriating from the expropriators’, which gave their pillaging a hint of a class struggle. As their favourite song went, “…those who were nothing become everything.” I kid you not, that was how they were calling the process of robbing their own people blind.

Anyway, modern liberal lefties are just as angry as their ideological ancestors and, as a result, can’t hold their drink properly. They usually get together, drink cheap liquor or wine, as a sign of closeness to the working men and women, and pour out their hearts to each other, mostly about hating the right, the rich, the successful, the fascists and the white supremacists, all of whom, in their view, represent the main obstacle to the happiness of mankind. Man-made climate change is also mentioned a lot during these feasts of left-wing anger, lubricated with alcohol, and globalism is praised and cursed at the same time.

The left tend to laugh a lot without any reason when they get drunk, and shout and swear as a sign that they are close to the ordinary working people who, in their perception, shout and swear a lot when they get drunk. Which is not the case at all, but that is how the left are. They have a totally twisted view of the working men and women as most of them have never worked in their lives. Just protested against social injustice.

Emancipated women of the liberal left-wing persuasion are absolutely unbearable when they get drunk because they start hating men even more than when they are sober – they are all feminists, you see – and they find all sorts of faults with males, and tell dirty jokes about male genitalia and say how useless they are generally. And men with left-wing persuasions, who might be drinking with them, would agree with that rubbish, accepting that yes, they are disgusting shits and have not been respectful to females throughout history.

And ones slavery, racism or racial discrimination are raised at left-wing drinking sessions, then the conversation becomes one long dreary discussion of how disgusting white people are and how they have been mistreating and oppressing minorities and not allowing them to release their huge intellectual potential. And the end of white dominance is toasted, the rise of people of other races is called upon and it all turns ugly and disgusting with sexual intercourse following, but in bad, drunken way. .

The right, on the other hand, hold their drink well, get good natured and humorous as the intake of alcohol increases and don’t even bother to discuss what the left are up to. Conservatism, you see, is an inclusive, tolerant ideology and it does not need to convince itself that it is better than left-wing liberalism as it’s a given. So the desire to start blaming the left for everything is simply not there. The right enjoy their drinking and stick to good quality beverages as they don’t introduce class struggle into the consumption process. Women are treated with respect and they in turn don’t demand equality with men, because women of a conservative disposition know that all that feminist crap is meaningless really.

The right know when they had enough, unlike the left who drink themselves to a state when they resemble pigs on heat, and they don’t attempt to have sexual intercourse at any price, again unlike the left whose lives rotate around their genitals mostly.

In other words, the right way of drinking is the right way, if you pardon the pun here, while the way the left do it is all wrong. Which probably confirms the theory that every leftie dreams of becoming a right-winger, but is afraid of the intellectual challenge.