On Princess Diana’s death. And the end of the road for the British monarchy


It has become a habit among people, who know pretty much nothing about anything, to do a wink and a nod when the name of the late Princess Diana pops up in the conversation that it was no accident she died in 20 years ago, in a Paris tunnel, trying to escape with her then lover, Dodi Fayed, from the photographers hot on their trail. These people want to be seen as cool and informed and they say it as if it’s an accepted wisdom that Diana had been murdered. And as recollections of her have been all over the place these days, on the box, in the media and in conversations, because of the 20th anniversary of her tragic death, a lot of words were also said about the supposed ‘assassination’ allegedly carried out on the orders of the ‘establishment’ and even the British Royal Family itself.

The fact of the matter is that it was an accident, pure and simple. Why do I know this? Because I looked into it in my days as an investigative reporter and I know for sure that it was a result of a chain of events, mostly caused by stupid decisions of some people involved, and had nothing to do with foul play. I have interviewed some people who were there that day, without them actually knowing that I was interviewing them. My cover was that I pretended to be a rich Russian who came to Paris to visit the places where Princess Diana spent her last days and hours, so no one got suspicious. I took a room in the five-star hotel not far from the Paris Ritz and spent days looking into the details of the accident and what led to it.

I established that the car that was used that night to drive away Diana and Dodi from the Ritz to the flat that belonged to the Fayed family had been chosen at the very last moment, because another car was on its way to the hotel, but Dodi demanded that there was no time to waste. It was a Mercedes 320 that was never a good model for fast driving. The problem with it is that it has a 3-litre engine but the body of a Mercedes 600 that weighs over a tonne. Which meant the engine was not powerful enough to cope with such weight. The driver, Henri Paul, who was seriously drunk that night and was chosen simply because he was spotted by Dodi in the bar at the Ritz, couldn’t handle the car when it entered the tunnel at a speed of 100 mph, especially considering that the approach to the tunnel is totally unsuitable for such speeds. The car basically flew into the air and, when it landed on the road at the entrance to the tunnel, it was out of control completely.

The tragedy of the situation that day was that there was no reason for Princess Diana and her lover to leave the hotel where they stayed in a luxury suit. There was no point for them to go elsewhere that evening. It was a whim, a childish display of bravado, a sign that they were getting bored with each other and needed something to occupy themselves with. Both Diana and Dodi were not properly educated and both were not very strong in the art of conversation. A fast drive across the city, chased by the paparazzi, seemed like a good way to kill the time that evening. And it turned out to be a very bad idea which killed them.

To claim that someone had tampered with the car when it was chosen at the very last moment is simply stupid. Not to mention that a driver who was three times over the limit was not a great choice as well. Both Diana and Dodi were not wearing seat belts as well, which is probably why they were killed that night. Both thought they were living dangerously. Both were simply foolish and paid for it.

I personally think that Diana would have died anyway, in some other accident, if that crash didn’t happen. She had chosen the sort of lifestyle that would have ended in disaster at some point, especially considering that her boyfriend had a history of wild and irrational behaviour. It was a recipe for a tragic end.

But the most outrageous thing of all is that all sorts of people, who pretend to be fans of Princes Diana, are now saying how she was loved by the whole nation, and even the world, and how she was a national treasure, an icon, and how the whole of Britain had been devastated when she died. It’s all a big lie. In her final months she became a figure of ridicule and her so-called ‘romance’ with Dodi was a gimmick designed to upset and offend the Queen and her ex-husband, Prince Charles. She even spread a rumour through her friends that she was pregnant and considered converting to Islam. It was a disgrace and she had demeaned herself, her two sons and the whole nation.

The hysteria after her death was whipped up by the liberal media that quickly turned Diana into a martyr. The then New Labour government of the revolting Tony Blair, a neo-Bolshevik in all but name, quickly assumed the role of the main organisers of the funeral and added to the hysteria by making it known that pressure needed to be put on the Queen to show more remorse. Blair called Diana a people’s princes and made an absolutely disgusting statement about her death pretending that he was shattered. So that you know, there is no such thing as a people’s princess. It sounds like a faithful hooker. You’re either a princess or a celeb, which Diana turned into in her lasts years.

Diana’s funeral was an embarrassing occasion, with plebs lining up along the route of the funeral cortege, screaming and crying and blaming the Queen and Prince Charles for her death. It was a national disgrace, an embarrassing stunt, organised by the republicans who used Diana to discredit the monarchy and the old traditions and values. I know many people who were absolutely disgusted with what was going on that day. Same, intelligent people, I hasten to add.

And, finally, a word on the role of princes William and Harry, who have helped to create the unhealthy atmosphere around the 20th anniversary of their mother’ death. Their weepy interviews about their ‘mummy’ and how they missed her and how they could have saved her proved that these two men have no idea of what royal duty is. It was embarrassing to watch them say things they knew would be used against their own father, Prince Charles, and their grandmother, the Queen, as well. These two men do not deserve their HRH titles. And William is no king.

Time for the British monarchy to fade into history. Why compromise a good idea just for the sake of continuing this farce?