Feminists get everything wrong, every little thing!


I disagree with feminists on everything. Yes, on every little thing. Including that ‘man has to be present at his child’s birth’ crap. There is nothing that could put a man off sex more with his woman for ages as being present at the birth of their kid. And feminists know it very well, the ugly s..ts – I’ve never met an attractive looking feminist – but they are so vile and so politically correct in their thinking that they would call black white and white black in the name of their so-called ‘fight for gender equality’.

The fundamental thing that feminist get all wrong is their insistence that men and women are not different from each other, apart from the obvious things. Yep, this whole disgusting game is based on distorting the initial arrangement between the two sexes. Ugly looking women, who would struggle to get laid even among sailors who had just returned from a six month voyage, and hideous looking men become feminists to brighten up their boring lives with a ‘cause’, to promote it and fight for it. Logic and common sense go out of the window when feminists trumpet their stupid ideas and in the world where political correctness has been turned into a religion, the new inquisition is watching closely everyone who has a different view on relations between men and women. Or males and females, as the PC brigade likes to call it. As if people are some animals and not human beings. A gorilla can be male or female, or a hedgehog. But it’s men or women when it comes to humans.

Feminism has always been associated with extreme left-wing views, when creeps like Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels would demand to liberate women from the ‘chains of family and marriage’, letting them roam around, all liberated, sleeping with every man they meet. You don’t believe me? Read the Communist Manifesto and you will find this feminist crap in there. And then came the ugly shits of the Socialist international, Rosa Luxemburg and Clara Zetkin, who were instrumental in launching the International Women’s Day that is still celebrated by the red comrades across the world. It was no created as a simple holiday, mind you. It was all about women’s fight for equality in a world dominated by men.

The idiocy of feminism has contributed to undermining marriage and the family, with women actually pushed by feminists towards promiscuity because – I especially love this part – ‘men do it’, so women should do it as well. Sleep around that is. The simple fact that men and women are very different in every respect escapes these barbarians. A woman sleeping around has a thousand times more chances of picking up serious diseases, not to mention that cancer develops more in women who have many partners. That is how it is and there is nothing the sick and twisted feminists can do about it.

But back to that presence at birth thing. The so-called logic feminists plug is that men need to witness the suffering of the women at childbirth – or otherwise they won’t appreciate the role of women to the full extent. Again, a sick and twisted argument that distorts the whole picture. Men play a crucial role in creating life and if they don’t look after their health, they would not be able to father a child or to give life to a healthy baby. So it’s a pretty important role they play, considering that they hold the key to the whole reproduction process. It’s as simple as that.

Plus, as the jokes goes, if women knew how hard it is to get it up, and keep it up for extended periods of time, they would never demand equality anymore.