Fun for the whole family? How about running a protection racket


What can be fun for the whole family? It is a question many families ask themselves as they want to find something that will bond everyone together and develop shared interests.

How about running a protection racket? It can be fun for the whole family and make a great change from sitting in front of the box for hours, watching rubbish like the Walking Dead or game Of Thrones. Start with offering protection to your immediate neighbours and then grow into a serious racket, covering a whole neighbourhood or even district. Collecting money on Fridays can become a great family occasion, with loads of fun and laughter, while getting those dollars and cents propping up welfare checks.

Speaking of which: welfare fraud is a great way for whole families to enjoy themselves, spending hours thinking of new ways to cheat Big Brother. Welfare fraud bonds large families together like nothing else. It’s a great pastime as you can basically watch the box or have a barbeque or get loaded while you are thinking of how to claim more money.

Printing counterfeit money is a great way to bond as a family. It’s fun, it’s creative, it gives you skills that will come handy if you go to jail for long periods of time and then come out and need to earn some money quickly. Not to mention that fake money really opens opportunities for you and makes those shopping trips that you so like even more exciting and fulfilling.

And how about shoplifting? This one really bonds a family together as roles are split between each other while they steal all those goodies. While papa, for example, is obstructing the view of the security camera and the kiddies are running riot, getting the shop assistants in a twist, mama is filling those bags of hers with merchandise and groceries with their security tags removed by her sister and her hubby and their five children. And then it’s off to McDonalds or some other fancy eatery for a bit of something really nice, before going on eBay to sell the stuff.

Going on the run for committing a string of serious offences is another way for a family to introduce some real excitement into their lives. The constant change of locations and names, the disguises, the excitement of being chased, kids missing school – all this can be great fun and bind families together.

Pickpocketting can be great fun for the whole family, with every day bringing new adventures and really testing those family bonds when caught by cops. Great pastime for all those people who like to go out a lot and mix with interesting people, if you know what I mean.

Street begging is another way for all members of the family to really enjoy themselves and spend more time outdoors. Everyone, from toddlers to the elderly members, can take part, positioning themselves strategically at high streets and outside shopping malls, earning several hundred a day each and developing their communication skills while they are at it.

There are many other ways families can bond and have fun. It’s all about a change of attitude really and tearing yourselves away from the box as often as possible.