So what is the secret world government up to these days? If it exists that is


Do you ever wonder what the secret world government, if it exists, may be up to these days, with all the mess going on in the world and the second banking crash approaching with most people blissfully unware of it?

The economy has not yet recovered from the previous crash and people’s incomes are still lower than they were before 2008 but all we hear about is growth, new job creation, rising confidence and people generally feeling optimistic about the future. You look around and it’s really looking bad out there, but if you listen to politicians, bankers, big businessmen, economists and hacks in mainstream media, it’s all going fine and we just don’t notice the positive things that are going on.

The secret world government must be very active, if it exists, if what we see does not correspond to what we’re being told. Here’s an example. Countries of the EU, we are told, are doing fine, just fine, when it comes to their economies and finance. But at the same time the European Central Bank is pumping around 80 billion euros of newly created money into the European financial markets every month, buying governments IOUs from banks for inflated prices, so why would that be happening if everything is alright? Doesn’t it mean that the banks are simply insolvent and governments are bailing then out on a monthly basis?

Not to mention that the base interest rates in Europe and beyond are so low that it should be a signal that things are very bad in the economy. Yet, we are constantly told by everyone in positions of authority and the media that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Doesn’t it all look that somebody is running this whole circus from behind the scenes, telling all the key players, from president and prime ministers to lower ranking politicians and experts and media hacks, what to say to the masses?

The most bizarre thing of all is that financial markets around the world are booming while the real economy is not performing accordingly. Companies listed on the stock exchanges are not doing all that great yet their shares are growing in price. Doesn’t it mean that central banks are pumping these markets with newly created money that basically means that whole national economies have become virtual ones and are, in effect, bubbles that could burst at any moment, or maybe have already burst but we are not being told about it? The way the mainstream media operates these days, obviously taking orders from some central command and control facility, we won’t even know whether the third world war would break out and would only find out when it ends. Or not find out at all. “Daddy, daddy, what’s that loud noise in the distance?” “It’s thunder, son. They said on the radio it’ll last a month and then it’ll stop. Say it all to do with climate change.”

Official government statistics on the economy these days are a joke, naturally, and resemble weather forecasts when you look outside your window and see the rain pouring but a smiling weather forecaster on the box tells you that it’s sunny and warm out there. Everyone is in debt up to their eyeballs, yet we are told that consumer spending is strong and growing stronger, driving economic growth. Which sort of implies that people are getting into even more debt, to buy stuff they don’t really need, but everyone makes it look as if it’s no big deal, even though this debt will never be repaid and at some point everything will overheat and collapse completely, like it happened back in 2008.

The biggest giveaway that somebody, probably the secret world government, if it exists, is giving instructions what to say to people is the way economists and all sorts of experts with fancy titles say exactly the same things that don’t make a lot of sense, telling anyone who’d listen that, all things considered, the world economy is in a pretty good shape. And the mainstream media immediately picks this rubbish up, delivering it as fact. And when someone asks, how come all the optimism, they reply: but look at what the experts are saying. Even though these same experts missed the last big financial crash by a mile and failed to predict all other calamities.

Which sort of indicates that the secret world governments, if it exists, is pulling all the strings in the background, giving orders and making things look rosy when they are not. The secret world government, you see, thrives on turmoil. That’s why it is secret. But there will come a point when even it will lose control and another great big public taxpayer bailout of the banks and big corporations will take place. Which means that the money for this is already being stored and ordinary folks will be told to tighten their belts. Because they are the ones who pay for the games that big boys play.

So what we may conclude from all of this is that the secret world government, if it exists, is bracing itself for a new big crash that would mean even more money coming its way and the way of banks and big business that it represents.