A million reasons to compare Trump and Obama.


Would you be able to spot the difference? Barack Obama, in his first year as US President, kept the million dollars that came to him with the Nobel Peace Prize he had received for doing nothing to deserve it. Current US President Donald Trump gave away a million dollars of his own money to the victims of hurricane Harvey. A million bucks in both cases were used in a completely different way. Does it show Obama in an unfavourable light? Of course it does He did not deserve that prize, so he should have given it away to some charity, or to some poor community directly. But he didn’t. While Trump behaved in an honourable way.

Why make this comparison, you may ask, and why now? Because we now have a situation, ladies and gents, when allies of Mr Obama are trying to convince us, more than seven months into Mr Trump’s presidency, that the former was a much better person and leader then the current one. But reality does not support that. So we start to compare the two men and those two episodes, involving keeping and giving away a million dollars, do not favour Obama.

But why this pettiness, someone may persist? Obama is gone, he no longer matters. It is Trump who is in the White House, so the spotlight should be on him now. And it would have sounded as a fair point if not for one small matter. Obama’s supporters, you see, are still at it, trying to undermine President Trump, waging a campaign of slander against him.

That RussiaGate non-scandal that still runs on, even though no proof has been unearthed, is part of Obama’s legacy. It had been initiated on his shift, by the people loyal to him. So he can’t just walk away from it because the non-scandal is stubbornly refusing to go away. And when we hear that Obama is still effectively running the FBI and some other intelligence agencies that are staffed by his allies, this whole affair becomes even more unsettling and distasteful. And the comparison with the way they used that one million is becoming even more important in the big play of things. And a question arises: how the hell is it possible that a former president is still involved in active politics, and even tries to undermine the current one?

Let’s make one thing clear: Obama’s departure was not your usual process of one president making way for another. It was very unusual, unprecedented even. The 44th president not only took part in the campaign to undermining the incoming 45th one, but he actually used the intelligence services to take part in it and undertook measures that complicated the transition of power and the work of the new administration. Sere, he had every right to dislike Mr Trump, but he should not have been a party to the nasty games his allies were playing.

The situation was unique. So what he had to do was to address his followers and tell them, in no uncertain terms, that he does not approve of any actions that would be undermining the office of the US President. But he did nothing of the sort. In fact, his silence on the matter was seen as an approval of the nasty hate campaigns unleashed by the Democrats, the media and the entertainment world that in America has more weight than all the hacks taken together against President Trump. .

The problem with the liberal left generally is that in their struggle with the right they are prepared to rock the boat as hard as possible, undermining the institutions of power with remarkable ease. This is exactly what they are doing now in America. And it looks absolutely crazy, both from within and from outside. And Obama is still smack in the middle of it all.

It’s not pretty, any way you look at it. Even if we don’t count that million dollars that he got and kept for a prize he did not deserve.