Pushing the boundaries of promiscuity. It will get worse. Soon


Bestiality is fun, some people say. And they must know this from their personal experience. While you may look at a dog and think what a great looking pet it makes, fans of intercourse without boundaries would have other ideas. They say in Germany, in some parts of it, they have already embraced bestiality, the sick bastards!

The thing about the liberal left is that they have managed to convince themselves, and some people around them, that promiscuity is a basic human right. So I am guessing that there would come a day when bestiality would be proclaimed as basic human right – soon after they legalise paedophilia.

You think it sounds crazy? I don’t think so. A bunch of sick judges, of whom there are many out there, would rule on an appeal by a deranged idiot who’d be previously found guilty of forcing himself on a lama or a female ant-eater during a trip to the zoo, that it was his basic human right to have a quick one with the lama or ant-eater in question. Especially as it would be classified as a case of consensual sex between two adults. Both the lama and the ant-eater would be confirmed by ‘experts’ to be mature adults. And some newspaper would write, commenting on the case, that we are all related anyway, according to Charles Darwin, the greatest ever scientist. Common sense prevails, another paper would conclude. Animals now can enjoy the new freedom of sex with people.

You think it can’t happen? I bet you it can. They have already lowered the age of consent in some countries to 14, so just you wait till it goes down even lower. And if that is not legalised paedophilia, then I don’t know what is. Bestiality is bound to follow suit and with time no one would even bat an eye on hearing that their neighbour is living with a hedgehog or a badger.

Yep, the way things are going, we would soon have people shagging everything that moves – and sometimes even that doesn’t. Oh yes, expect necrophilia, that is sex with the dead, to be accepted as norm at some point. And why not? Dead people, it would be ruled by some sick judge, have the right to enjoy sex. But only protected sex, of course, so that there is no danger of unwanted pregnancies or passing of STDs.

And then there would be no stopping of widening the boundaries of the sexual revolution. Incest? Why not, if both sides involved feel it’s not a bad idea. Sex with babies? Bring it on, let’s be progressive when it comes to intercourse. Shagging insects? Sound like fun, especially if you have particularly tiny privates.

If you think all this sounds crazy, let me remind you that children as young as five are now taught what sexual intercourse is all about at school. With graphic images provided. So don’t you tell me that serious changes in the sexual revolution are not coming.

Basic human right, you see. Sacred stuff for leftists.