How come mediocrities are so tribal? Because it’s the only way they can survive


Have you ever wondered how come mediocrities are so tribal and very vocal?

The moment one of them is in trouble, or needs the support of others to plug something, his or her brethren crawl out of every crack and start pushing, shoving, screaming and stomping their feet, demanding that some sad pathetic non-entity that they supposedly know and love and appreciate be accepted as a genius who has broken the boundaries and said, written, painted, composed or invented something that no one else had ever said, written, painted, composed or invented before. Even though it would be clear as daylight that this would not be the case.

Millions of inches are regularly devoted to some ‘new talents’, who seem to come out of nowhere, while all sorts of ‘experts’ go on television and radio, showering the most absurd praise on some grey non-entity even though all the signs are saying, I would even say screaming, that this new ‘talent’ is no big deal. Remarkably, sponsors and advertisers fall over each other, offering money and support to the new supposed talents, with celebrities rushing to embrace the new arrival in their midst.

That is how we see new ‘big names’ burst on the scenes in literature, broadcasting, music, art, science, business, politics and even sports. Grey uninspiring people with nothing new or original to say or to offer would be praised to no avail by the mediocrity mafia that elevates them to cult status within a matter of weeks or months. It is as if this world exists in some parallel universe where talent is recognised as a disadvantage.

Take the so-called Harry Potter phenomenon. J.K.Rowling has written very average books for children, and yet they have been promoted to such an extent that you might think that some great new classical writer has graced the world of literature. And if you open any of her books and read a few pages you would realise that it is all very, very average. Compared to any of the truly great children’s writers of the past Rowling does not fare well. In fact, she fares quite badly. But try telling this to the mediocrity mob. They would not hear of this. They would go berserk and become offensive. They would not be prepared to sacrifice one of their own.

And this spreads to practically all areas of life. We have musicians, who are no good, and yet are praised as huge talents. We have artists, who cannot draw, but are still called geniuses. We have movie and theatre actors and actresses, who are not capable of uttering a single line without overacting, and yet they receive awards and accolades. We have film directors, who make trashy movies and even unashamedly copy others, but are hailed as innovators and outstanding talents. We have scientists, who talk total rubbish and promote fake science, but are still treated as some academic gods. We have businessmen, who are absolutely hopeless at what they do, but are nevertheless called brilliant entrepreneurs. We have comedians, who are not funny, but are praised for their humour and wit.

But if you look at people who are actually talented and gifted, no one ever rushes to support them. They are always on their own. They struggle to get to the top, failing more often than not. They are shunned by the critics and ignored by the media. They are ridiculed by people, who have no idea about anything, and they struggle to survive without getting paid properly. That is why we do not see any good books, movies, music or art emerging in this century. That is why science is dragging mankind mostly backwards, and politics is overrun by grey non-entities with no idea what they are doing. That is why even in sport we do not see that many spectacular results and exciting performances.

So why is it that mediocrities seem to triumph so much these nowadays? Well, it is because they are mediocrities. They are highly organised, unprincipled and resort to extreme political correctness to silence their opponents. They elbow their way to the top and can always rely on the support of their tribe. The one thing that terrifies them most is the prospect of the overall standards rising. Because then mediocrities fail miserably. High standards pose a mortal danger to them. They thrive in the world which is dominated by low quality, low expectations and lack of imagination.

But will mediocrities prevail in the end? No, they won’t. Why? Because they are mediocre.