Call to pop music industry: quit using the word ‘baby’ so much!


It has become an epidemic in the pop music world, that use of the word ‘baby’ in every song, many times over. The whole of the pop music industry seems to be infested by people who use the word ‘baby’ so liberally that it is starting to sound seriously annoying.

It has come to a point when some pop acts insert, if you pardon the expression, the word ‘baby’ into every sentence of their lyrics. Don’t they realise it’s a very annoying word when it is used indiscriminately? Especially when it’s delivered by some tattooed cretin, or a whole bunch of them, who think they look cool while they gyrate on stage, or in a video, stuffing those ‘babies’ into their lyrics. Or those pop divas, who scream their heads off and think that it amounts to singing, calling their imaginary lovers ‘baby’ and ‘babe’ all of the time. Why not use some proper name, for God’s sake, and generally avoid addressing people as baby? Why torture people? Incidentally, so that these pop divas are aware of it, nothing kills off a budding erection in a man quicker that a pop diva screaming out the word ‘baby’ over and over again.

It’s bad enough we have to listen to all those horny fantasies of pop stars, who seem to be obsessed with sex, singing about some ‘boy’ or ‘girl’, another two annoying words that pop up so often in pop lyrics, even if they stand for some sexually hyperactive idiots of both sexes who’ve had more partners than a hedgehog has needles. Why not change the subject and on occasions drift away from sexual intercourse, or dreams of it? It has become some sick and twisted cliché now for pop acts to sing about sleepless night and ecstasy and all those girls and boys ‘wanting it’ and ‘having it’ and never thinking of anything else really.

I especially love those supposed hardened rock and rap stars who attempt to come across as mucho and tough, but sing about their horny fantasies, and the ‘babes’ and the ‘girls’ they can’t help stop thinking about. What the hell is that? And how about cutting on the word ‘ecstasy’, you morons? Seems every chick you see gets you into ecstasy. It’s probably from wearing tight underwear or watching too much porn on the web.

But the worst thing of all is when established pop acts, living legends, as some of them like to think about themselves, start using the word ‘baby’ all over the place. Men in their late 60s and early 70s roll their eyes and belt out those ‘babies’, as if they have nothing more to say to the world. Horny pensioners, who should have retired a decade or more ago, mentally rubbing their crotch and fantasising about a shag. What a disgrace!

I blame the Motown crowd for introducing the word ‘baby’ into pop music on a huge scale. Just you listen to those former greats and you will count up to a dozen ‘babies’ in most songs. Even the late great Marvin Gaye had a serious problem with that, and he was one the better ones.

Time for a rethink, people. In fact, it’s time to rewrite most of the pop lyrics so that they don’t sound as stupid as they do. And ban the word ‘baby’ from them. Because it sounds pathetic!