Assessing Obama’s DACA. And other policies that damaged US national interests


It had to happen at some point and it did. Former US president Barack Obama broke his silence and made a public attack on US President Donald Trump, criticising him for his decision to rescind the so-called DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals programme, that covered around 800,000 undocumented migrants, including teenagers who entered the country as illegal immigrants.

Mr Obama, who introduced DACA in 2012 through an executive order and against the wishes of many members in US Congress, called the decision cruel and wrong and, naturally, the liberal US mainstream media immediately threw its weight behind him, launching a campaign in an attempt to prove that the whole of US Congress, the Democrats, some of the Republicans and all ‘decent’ people are appalled by the ditching of DACA. Few words were said that the impact of this measure would not be felt by the people covered by it for at least six months and that it is not even clear how many of the illegal immigrants will be eventually deported. The decision bans any new applications under the programme for staying in the country with a view to get citizenships. So the protests by the liberal left are more about scoring political points rather than recognising that DACA was not a great deal for America and had absolutely nothing to do with its national interests.

Which brings us to the wider and more important issue of how many of Mr Obama’s policies while he was in the White House actually ignored US national interests, logic and common sense. It proves once again that left-wing liberal ideology very often comes into conflict with reality.

On the face of it, the DACA programme, just like Obama’s intent to grant an amnesty to 5 million illegal immigrants – some say the figure was actually 11 million – was supposedly driven by humane considerations in regard to undocumented illegal immigrants, especially children. This is often the case with liberal left-wing politicians, who use positive emotions to shield their opportunistic projects and make them look above ideology. In reality, DACA was part of the Democratic party’s plan to radically change the demographics of America, for solely political reasons. Let’s not forget that practically all of the illegal immigrants are future Democrat supporters and would vote for them in any election. It’s hard to imagine that this factor was not on the minds of people who advised the then president Obama to issue an executive order to initiate DACA, to bypass US Congress. (Obama’s reliance on executive orders to push through unpopular liberal policies was legendary.)

For Obama to publicly criticise President Trump for ditching DACA was not only unethical but it was a sign that his militant left-wing ideology got the better of him and he simply could not restrain himself. American national interests had absolutely nothing to do with it. Just like many other blatantly populist policy decisions he had introduced.

You want examples? Not a problem.

How about that withdrawal of US troops from Iraq? Sure, George W. Bush was wrong to invade Iraq and overthrow Saddam Hussein, but the evil deed was done so Obama had to at least not create more problems with his populist chants of, ‘Let’s bring our boys home!’ It looked great in campaign slogans and people with no knowledge of the situation on the ground in Iraq bought it and even voted for him. But the withdrawal resulted in the creation of ISIS and in a bloody civil war breaking out in Iraq and spreading to other parts of the Middle East, eventually forcing America to return to Iraq, spend more billons and losing more lives. National interests were at the bottom of the list of priorities when the decision to pull US troops out of Iraq was made, dictated purely by selfish political considerations.

Helping to destroy Libya and support anti-government rebels in Syria were another two disastrous policy decisions of the Obama administration that had nothing to do with American national interest, or common sense and logic, but a lot to do with extreme left-wing ideology, when ‘anti-liberal tyrants’ had been brought down in the name of democracy, freedom and human rights.

These are just some of the many others foreign policy decisions that contradicted American national interest.

The list of Obama’s domestic policies that were damaging to US national interest is long. They include, among many others, encouraging racial divisions by enforcing affirmative action and creating a bigger racial divide by stereotyping white people and racially profiling the police and law enforcement agencies. Increasing the national debt while showing precious little for it in term or economic growth was probably one of the most obvious policies that went against US national interests. Obsession with gay rights and redrawing the traditional concept of marriage was another one. Using federal funds to strengthen liberal groups while undermining conservative and religious organisations through the use of the IRS was blatantly anti-American. Not to mention allowing Wall Street to create trillions of new money that went to bail out the banks and showing total indifference to American jobs disappearing abroad – the main reason why the Democrats suffered a crushing defeat in the 2016 presidential election.

Rocking the boat and undermining the office of the US President with false allegations of collusion with Russia to win the election is probably the biggest blow to American national interest delivered by Obama and the Democrats generally, This one borders on treason and total disrespect to the US Constitution. This alone shows that the Democrats are a party that has no place in American mainstream politics. Along with the mainstream media that has proven to be an in-house propaganda machine of the liberal left and Hollywood that has become a political branch of the Democratic party.

Something is very rotten about a system where national interests are ignored and violated in the name of ideology.