Way too many blasting sirens and flashing lights on our streets these days


You know what’s really weird? How we have way too many emergency services vehicles flashing their lights and blasting their sirens at everyone these days.

It looks very suspicious, this action-packed life of our cops, firefighters and medics. Goes against the stats, if you know what I mean. Raises serious doubts about the emergency services generally. Are they taking the p..s at our expense, by any chance, or do it just for the hell of it? And why not, if they can simply switch on the flashers and the sirens and get back to base, or to grab something to eat much quicker? Beats stopping at every red light and crawling in a stream of cars. Not to mention helps that adrenalin to run through their veins while they feel important, no doubt humming the tune from Mission Impossible. To get more excitement out of the process.

I have personally witnessed several occasions when cops arrived at their station with their lights flashing, only to leave the vehicle lazily and walk to the building without any rush. And as for ambulances, well, some of them do arrive at the hospital with lights and sirens but just stay there, having performed the dash through the mean streets of the metropolis. As for fire engines, here I’ll be honest with you: I have no stats or examples to prove that firemen abuse their special rights of passage through the streets. Haven’t seen a single example of it. Probably means they don’t like to live dangerously.

But if you ask me whether I would not have switched on my siren and flashlights for no reason, if I were, say, a cop, I’d be in difficulty to say ‘no’. Because with all the pressures of the job and the modest salary I would reckon there should be at least some perks coming in the package. And I guess that getting through traffic at great speed with all other cars giving you the green, light could be considered one of them.

I suppose lots of cops and firefighters and medics join their respective services in the hope that they would get to drive really fast, with the siren on, and everyone would be letting them pass, thinking they’re rushing to the scene of some serious crime or accident or fire. If you tale this away from them, the ranks of the emergency services would probably dwindle dramatically.

But here’s the interesting bit: politicians are no different from cops, firefighters and ambulance drivers when they abuse their authority. In fact, politicians cause much more damage by that abuse than all the emergency services taken together. So from this point of view we should forgive the people in the emergency services and have a go at our political rulers, who not only get to drive through traffic with no hassle but also misuse taxpayers’ money to such an extent that it looks as if they treat it like their own. Which they actually do, the creeps!