In case you’re unaware of it, adultery is big business these days


Adultery has become big business. Multi-billion dollar industry actually. Heavily marketed and promoted all over the place, most of all by Hollywood and the box that present casual sex with as many people outside a relationship as possible as cool and exciting. Beats marriage and committed relationships any time, is the message. And the mainstream comedy lot sing from the same music sheet, taking a pop at family life at every opportunity, the creeps.

What most people don’t know is that the benefits from adultery to retail trade are huge. Just as the profits for the hotels, eateries, dating agencies and, I’m sorry to say, the medical profession if complications arise due to unforeseen health issues.

Yes, adultery is a costly exercise. It involves eating out, buying presents and renting hotel rooms. And then there are the fancy new clothes, the sexy underwear, the cosmetics, the contraceptives and stimulants of all sorts – all costing a lot of money.

And don’t forget the alcohol – lots of it actually. Adultery and alcohol go hand in hand. People involved in extra-marital affairs feel the pangs of guilt, whatever they say, and need alcohol to overcome the mental barrier. The more adventurous types opt for dope that supposedly increases the desire under duress and allegedly makes it all the more exciting.

Anyway, the weasels who run the advertising industry know this very well and do everything to sex up as many people as possible, figuring that horny types are more prone to straying. We now have TV ads that say pretty much nothing about the products they are supposed to promote but show hot babes and studs ogling or touching each other for no reason. And, to be honest, the whole ethos, if you pardon the fancy lingo, of the advertising industry is about sex. If given the opportunity, the admen would be showing sexual intercourse to promote some yogurt or some chocolate bar or washing powder. And once you get consumers with bulging trousers and moist you-know-what, you are bound to get more people looking for a bit of fun on the side.

And then there’s feminism. Yes, the champions of true equality are basically pushing women towards adultery, claiming that as most men do it, so should the sisterhood. Yep, it’s now a sign of the times when equality for females involves loads of intercourse and changing partners. The fact that women are created in such a way that having many different partners becomes dangerous for their health does not worry feminists, who, let’s face it, are as close to Satanism as it gets – if not even worse at times.

The movie industry loves adultery to bits because it gives it more edge. Just like senseless violence and endless swearing. The ease with which characters in movies hop into bed with perfect strangers is quite impressive. Not to mention that the whole marriage thing is seen by Hollywood as more of a nuisance that drags down free spirits who crave for some serious intimacy with people they’ve just met and will never see again afterwards.

Adultery brings mega-bucks for big business. And that is why it is plugged by all sorts of nasty people who know well how to milk the whole rotten system.