Has Antony Weiner been in the news lately? No? And what about his penis?


Has Anthony Weiner been in the news lately? No? And what about his penis, you know, on its own, without the rest of Anthony? No as well? And how about getting a mention in jokes and comedy sketches? No, not even once?

The reason I ask all this is because, first of all, Anthony did entertain us all in the past when he had been in the news on a number of occasions, with his surname adding even more hilarity to the situation, and, secondly, because he is not alone among his Democrat brothers, sisters and gender fluid comrades, who are absolutely hilarious and should have figured at least in some comedy sketches and jokes that the US mainstream comedy lot are supposedly so good at.

But no, nothing like that happens, with mainstream comedians in America showing extraordinary reluctance to even look in the direction of the liberal left. Which is a shame, because the Democrats and their supporters provide fresh comedy material basically on a daily basis, especially since they lost the presidential election last year and can’t get over it.

Let’s face it, no other political grouping in the US could have come up with a guy like Antony Weiner, who had to resign from his Democratic seat in US Congress in June 2011, for sending women on social media images of his manhood, only to reposition himself, if you pardon the expression, two years later to become a hot favourite for the job of New York Mayor – only to crash out of the race, all because his penis had had other ideas and was leading its own separate life on social media, showing off in front of young females.

In case you lead a sheltered life and have never heard of Anthony Weiner and his adventures, he is the husband of Huma Abedin, a now former close aide and confidant of Hillary Clinton at a time when she was US Secretary of State. Ms Abedin was one of the key figures in the so-called EmailGate scandal that broke out when it transpired that Mrs Clinton used her unsecured private server to send confidential emails while she was running US foreign policy. All of these emails had been deleted when the heat was turned on Mrs Clinton and the FBI requested her to submit them for inspection.

Meanwhile, it turned out, that Ms Abedin was also sending some of her boss’s emails to her husband, to store and cherish them for posterity, and the couple were for a while investigated by the FBI for their role in this affair. But as the FBI at the time was run by James Comey, who had a soft spot for the Clintons and the Democrats generally, the whole affair had been buried, to the great relief of everyone involved. Instead the FBI turned its attention to the none-existent collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians that seemed a much better idea than causing distress to the Clintons. .    

Do you feel the hilarity of this whole situation? Don’t you think that the comedy crowd in America should have at least registered some interest in this saga and cracked a joke or two on the subject, and maybe even do a sketch, or even a couple of sketches? You know, a Democratic politician and once a hot favourite for Mayor of New York revealing his genitals to young impressionable women on social media while his wife was looking the other way? Well, the US comedy lot kept their cool and stuck to having a go at Republicans who were not even in power then.

I still think it would have been very funny, considering that it was not just Anthony and his penis that featured prominently in that whole situation but the likes of Hillary Clinton, her husband Bill, other high-level Democrats and some of their influential backers, including the whole of the FBI under James Comey who were basically working for Mrs Clinton and, indirectly, for Anthony and his penis who both got away with their antics, although both were banned from approaching any school within 1000 feet.

I can even imagine a whole Saturday Night Live edition, with Seth Mayer impersonating Weiner and some young comedy talent, maybe even an African American, acting as his manhood. The opportunities for jokes and sketches would have been limitless. A comedy sitcom might have even developed on the basis of all that hilarity, with the Clintons and the Obamas featuring in the script, and Joe Biden coming across as a gaff prone idiot who gropes women and teenage girls at every opportunity, but is never busted for it.

The Daily Show, that supposedly impartial satirical show, could have even invited Weiner, to hear his side of the story, and Jon Stewart, who was then still hosting it, could have even tried to interview Anthony’s penis, in an over the top sort of way that he liked to so much when he ridiculed the Republicans. But no, no invite was made and people were not given a chance to have a good laugh and enjoy Anthony’s hilarious stories.

Which just goes to show what the mainstream comedy lot in America are missing.

  • For Dems/Libs/Left, politicians and comedians are the same thing:

    Their comedians want their politics to be taken seriously, and then plead being just a comedian when called out.

    Their politicians want their jokes be treated just as jokes, and then demand their politics be taken seriously when called out as a joker.