Making a strong case for disbanding the EU. As quickly as possible


Let’s assume, for arguments sake, that all politicians are either bent or corrupt or, if their voters are really lucky, both.

Are we agreed on that? Good, then we can proceed.

Imagine if you will a bunch of incompetent and corrupt politicians running a country the size of, say, Ireland. There they are, colluding with bankers and big businessmen, making decisions that benefit pretty much no one but these very same bankers and businessmen, giving away tones of taxpayers’ money, to these very same bankers and businessmen and generally making sure that their pension plans would be worth the wait in power. Eventually, as you would expect, and as it happened not so long ago in Ireland in real life, the economy crashes and all the culprits lose their jobs, moving on to pastures green, as they say. No one is responsible for anything, as it is a democracy we’re talking about and in a democracy politicians are never held responsible for anything. It’s about collective responsibility for the mess they create and it shields them from any punishment.

So the country that is the size of Ireland finds itself in a serious situation, but it can still cope as the damage inflicted on it by its elected politicians can still be contained, because the sheer scale of the disaster is manageable.

OK, are you still with me? Good, let’s carry on then. You’ll soon see where I’m taking you.

Right, imagine a much bigger country, say the size of Spain or Italy. The same system applies. A bunch of incompetent or corrupts or both politicians get elected, by promising to do things that they are not really planning to do, and then the same sort of havoc ensues, as they side with the big boys of business and bankers. Not to mention market speculators and property developers. Much bigger amounts of taxpayers’ money vanish than in our first example and much bigger damage is done to a considerably larger number of people. The crisis erupts and all the usual suspects step down, to enjoy the trapping of their ill-gotten wealth.

The nation is in shock but it rallies round another bunch of weasels, who are initially forced to take some drastic measures, and gradually the crisis is overcome, For a while at least.

Are you still following my train of my thought? You are? Great!

And now imagine a vast conglomerate of countries bounded together by a treaty that resembles a constitution in all but name and is run by unelected bureaucrats, who are both incompetent and corrupt, as all unelected bureaucrats are. Now imagine what this lot can do if they get in cahoots with big banks, corporations, market speculators and property developers. Yes, the scale of the disaster would be enormous and all the stupid decisions would have an impact much greater than the ones taken on a national level. The crisis, when it comes, would hit the whole conglomerate of nations and it would take ages to sort it out. And the worst thing of all is that all the unelected bureaucrats would keep on staying in power, even when they should be kicked out in disgrace. Or maybe even prosecuted.

And now my conclusion.

Disband the European Union at once. It’s a monster that feeds on the current economic and financial turmoil within it and basically exists for the sake of a small gang of politicians, both elected and unelected, both bent and incompetent, and bankers and big businessmen, market speculators and property developers. The only country in the EU that flourishes is Germany, but it is doing it at the expense of others. And Germany, if you recall, produced more war criminals than all other nations taken together in the past. So we can’t really trust it, now can we?

The moral here is this: in times of serious trouble small is manageable. Big is not.

I rest my case.